Oxygen OS 12 and 13 Tips and Tricks

Oxygen OS is OnePlus’s custom Software skin on top of Android. OnePlus’s first smartphone, the OnePlus One shipped with a popular Custom ROM of that time called Cyanogen Mod then the brand later decided to make its own Android skin which was essentially stock Android but with quite a few nifty little features. Starting from Oxygen OS 12 they merged their codebase with Oppo’s Color OS hence that was a mix of both Oxygen OS and Color OS and with Oxygen OS 13 it was 95% Color OS with few Oxygen OS elements. So, below we have curated some of the best oxygen OS 13 tips and tricks that can improve your everyday experience.

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Many folks didn’t like the change to Color OS as OnePlus didn’t have its own unique identity anymore. Still, like it or hate it, the merge sure added quite a few new features for your OnePlus device and in this article we’re going to cover some of the best oxygen os 13 tips and tricks so you can try them on your OnePlus phone.

1. See the Ram Usage

If you think your phone is hogging up more ram than expected or you’re just curious you can enable this feature to get the Ram Usage on your recent app page. To enable this feature, hold on a blank space on your home screen > Go to more at the far right > scroll to the bottom and select “Recent Tasks Manager” > At the top you will see “Display RAM information” Enable that.

2. In-Display Scanner shortcuts

If your OnePlus Device comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner then you can use it for functions other than unlocking. When you enable this feature you can directly open your favourite app or perform a function directly from the lock screen, to save you time. To enable this Go to Settings > Special Features > Quick Launch and enable it then add the apps/functions you want to add.

3. Bring Back the Power Menu as the Default

In the recent Oxygen OS updates, the default action when you press the power key is triggering Google Assistant instead of the power menu with the shutdown and restart/reboot options. This is a change not liked by many and if you’re one of them then perform these steps. Settings > Additional Settings > Power Button. Now tap ‘press and hold the power button’ and choose ‘power menu’ from the list.

4. Hide Apps In your Dialer

Yes, you read that right. You can hide apps in your dialer by keeping a special code to access them which means if someone gets a hand on your phone when it’s unlocked they can’t find any folder or shortcut with the hidden apps because there won’t be any. If you want to do the same on your Oxygen OS 13 device then do the following. Settings > Privacy > Hide apps to start the setup process. Once the setup process is complete, you can choose the apps you wish to hide and to access them you need to put the code on the dialer you set with “#” at the start and the end of the code.

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5. Auto-switch to the receiver during calls

A lot of us folks put the phone on the Loudspeaker when calling someone till they pick up the phone so we’d know when they picked up and then put it to the earpiece/receiver to talk. Instead of this, you can set your phone to auto-switch to the earpiece when you bring it up to your ear which is a convenient feature. If you want to enable this on your Oxygen OS 13 device then do the following steps. Settings > Additional Settings > Gesture and motions. Now toggle on the switch next to ‘Auto switch to receiver’.

6. Keep a Note on Your Digital Wellbeing

If your OnePlus Device comes with an AMOLED screen it should also have the ‘always-on display’ option. If it does then you can use it to know how many times you unlocked your phone and approximately how much you used it in a single go. To enable this feature head over to Settings > Wallpapers & Style > Always-On Display and select ‘Insight’ then click Apply.

7. Clean Your Status Bar

Your Phone’s Status Bar is useful for a quick glance at how many notifications you have and from which apps, the strength of your WiFi network/Mobile Data, etc. But it might have things you don’t want to see thus making the status bar cluttered. If you wish to remove a few icons or change the style of how notifications are displayed then head over to settings > Notification & Status Bar > Status Bar and remove the icons you don’t want to see to change the notification icon style click the ‘Notification icons’ at the top and select your desired style.

8. Optimised Charging

If you have a OnePlus phone, especially from their flagship series they are known to charge quite fast which is very useful but there are some folks who like to charge their phone overnight but doing this with a fast charger can do a lot of damage to your phone’s battery which can make it hold less charge earlier than expected. To counter this issue OnePlus introduced Optimised Charging. What this does is fast charge the first 80% quickly at night time, but then wait until just before you wake up (or your morning alarm time) to fill up the last 20 per cent.


So, this was an in-depth post about the latest Oxygen OS 13 tips and tricks through which you will be able to understand better and get along with your new or old OnePlus phone.

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