Connectivity Labs: How to enable on Samsung phones, One UI 6

Connectivity Labs on Samsung phones lets you see a lot of information about your Wi-Fi. It also includes Wi-Fi diagnostics, inspection of home networks, weekly reports, statistics about Wi-Fi, average Wi-Fi connectivity, and other statistics. This is an experimental feature, and it’s for internal testing. It’s mostly for developers. Since it doesn’t guarantee stability. we shouldn’t take it very seriously. However, it’s still a useful feature.

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If you want to enable Connectivity Labs on your Samsung, we’ll show you how to do that with this article. You can do it on any Samsung phone running One UI 6. One UI 6 (Android 14) brings several new obvious features. However, Samsung didn’t exactly advertise Connectivity Labs. One UI 6 brings a new Quick Settings panel, new widgets, new designs for first-party apps, and other changes. It also brings a feature similar to Focus Modes, where you can assign a particular wallpaper combination and notification setup for a particular mode.

While the Connectivity Labs feature is aimed at tech enthusiasts who need Wi-Fi info, it’s still useful for most regular consumers if it’s an actual feature in the Settings app.

How to enable Connectivity Labs on your Samsung phone

You can check your Wi-Fi usage, Wi-Fi speed, and link status- all without the use of third-party apps. Checking the Wi-Fi speed is definitely very useful to everyone. You can also get Link Status and Usage Reports, which channels are currently used, and also information about nearby Wi-Fi connections. Samsung might add this a full-fledged feature with future One UI versions, instead of a developer-only “hidden” easter-egg.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone.
  2. Tap on the Connections submenu.
  3. Find the “Wi-Fi” option from here.
  4. You’ll see the Overflow icon, and under that, you’ll find the Smart Wi-Fi option.
  5. You will find the Intelligent WiFi version number.
  6. Tap on this 7 times. This process is similar to enabling Developer Options on your phone.
  7. Now, this will enable Connectivity Labs on your phone. You can get more network information now.

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