How to Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 10 Pro

How to Unlock bootloader of OnePlus 10 pro

After the recent Oppofication, the new OnePlus 10 Pro is the latest flagship from OnePlus. OnePlus’s new strategy of basically using ColorOS and ditching OxygenOS (which was one of the biggest selling points of OnePlus phones) has led to people trying new ways of getting that old OxygenOS flavour back. In this post, we will discuss how to unlock the bootloader of the OnePlus 10 Pro

To get the old feeling of OxygenOS back, users can use a whole slew of methods ranging from small changes like changing the launcher and icon packs etc. But some users want the change to be system-wide; this is where customs Rom’s come into play and the first step in using custom ROMs is to Unlock the Bootloader.

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Advantages of Custom ROMs

Custom Rom’s provides a way to change the whole user experience of a phone, and due to the overwhelming support of the developer community, these moms stay relevant and up to date for many years to come, giving users the flexibility of having their UI’s just as they like. Some of the popular custom ROMs include – Pixel Experience, LineageOS, EvolutionX and many more. 

Disadvantages of Custom ROMs

But there’s another side to this convenience as well. Using custom ROMs changes the root directory of the phone, which makes for a less secure device, as a result making your phone prone to hackers. Essential services like finding my phone won’t be able to function, therefore making it hard to find the phone in case of a theft. 

But if you can live with these caveats, the first step in installing a custom ROM is to unlock the phone’s Bootloader. The boot loader on the OnePlus 10 Pro can easily be unlocked using the below steps.

Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 10 Pro 

  1. Take a backup of all important data as unlocking the Bootloader removes all the data.
  2. Install ADB and Fastboot drivers on your computer, it’ll let you enter ADB and fast boot commands. 
  3. Open settings on the OnePlus 10 Pro and go to the About Phone option. 
  4. Look for Build Number and tap 7-8 times to unlock Developer Options
  5. In Developer Options, enable OEM Unlocking & USB Debugging. Also, enable the Advance reboot option, which will let you boot your phone in different modes. 
  6. Press and hold the Power button, click on the 3 dots and select Bootloader. 
  7. Once the phone boots into Fastboot mode/Bootloader mode. Connect your phone to your computer.
  8. Open the CMD window on your PC. If you have downloaded the platform’s tools, open CMD from its location. Enter the below command to check the device connectivity with your computer. It will return a device ID.                                                                                           Command – fastboot devices 
  9. Enter the given command to start unlocking the Bootloader.                                                                                                                           Command – fastboot OEM unlock 
  10. The above command will display the name of your phone. Use the volume keys to navigate. Select Unlock the Bootloader and press the power button.
  11. After this step, your phone data will be removed. The device will now auto-reboot into the system.
  12. Set up your device and voila the Bootloader on your OnePlus 10 Pro is now unlocked.



After successfully unlocking the Bootloader on your OnePlus 10 Pro. You can install any supported Custom ROM on this device without any issues. Do check for proper support before downloading as the OnePlus 10 Pro is brand new and many ROMs might not support it yet. But due to the active developer community, support for the OnePlus 10 Pro will arrive soon.

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