Plugins for GPT 4: How to install and access

The free version of Chat GPT, Chat GPT 3.5, is an extremely useful tool, and it improves our productivity tenfold. Chat GPT 4 is a monthly subscription that offers you an even smarter AI service. However, to take the most advantage of this service, you need to make use of the right plugins. Using Chat GPT 4 with plugins is very beneficial.

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These plugins enhance the AI chatbots, and they seriously improve what they can do. Some plugins, for example, can answer your questions about travel. Others help you make tables, and others help you write the perfect prompt for your query. Prompts are very important since the chatbot pulls an answer from its database using your prompt as a basis.

While a minority of these plugins are from the creators of Chat GPT, Open AI. Others are from third-party developers. We have to mention that Chat GPT 4 plugins are not compatible with the free Chat GPT 3.5 version, and you need to have a subscription in order to use these.

They offer many other services like financial assistance, restaurant reservations, and more. While the plugins that are compatible with Chat GPT 3.5 are free for now, this could change in the future.

Plugins add some functionality to the existing chatbot and are completely different from extensions for Chat GPT. You can find several extensions for Chat GPT for free. However, the process is very different to install plugins.

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How to install

  1. Sign up for Chat GPT Plus. To gain access to Chat GPT 4, you need the subscription service. Login to your Chat GPT account and click on the Upgrade to Plus button at the bottom left corner. The subscription will cost 20 Dollars a month, and you’ll get immediate access to the features of Chat GPT 4 once you pay.
  2. You have to turn on Beta Features. These are off by default. Next to your username, you will find three dots. Click here and check the option for Beta Features. You can also mess around with the Browse With Bing option. It’s as simple as writing a prompt and getting results, and it’s also compatible with the GPT 4 model.
  3. Click the button that allows you to use Chat GPT Plugins. You’ll find this option below the Browse With Bing option. Exit the Settings menu. You can now start using Chat GPT plugins.

How to use Chat GPT plugins

  1. Pick the Chat GPT 4 AI option and click on the Plugins option.
  2. Under the GPT 4 button, you’ll see a drop-down arrow, which you’ll have to click. You will now get a button to access the Chat GPT Plugin store. You can look through all the available ones.
  3. If you spot a plugin that you want to use, you can install it. You can access it again from the same submenu if you want to.
  4. There are over 250 plugins on Chat GPT, and you are free to explore. Test out the plugins that you want, and find out which ones fit the best with your workflow. If you don’t like a plugin, you can install it easily from the same submenu. Once they are installed, the APIs will do their job, and you can directly communicate using the Chat Box, and no additional steps are necessary for the same.

What are the problems with GPT 4 plugins?

  • While Open AI has many safety checks in place, there’s a chance that something could get infected if there’s a developer with malicious intentions running the plugin. Be careful with the plugins you use.
  • Chat GPT has an annoying limitation, and you can only submit 25 queries in three hours. Do not waste the prompts, and type exactly what you want to without typing multiple prompts. After the limit, it will kick you back to the GPT 3.5 model.
  • While plugins are helpful, you cannot use Chat GPT 4 with the web if you’re using them. They pull info from the web regardless, but Chat GPT cannot access the internet if you have plugins.
  • You can only add up to three plugins at most, and more than that won’t work for the moment.
  • Plugins for Chat GPT 4 are still in the Beta stage, and they can, at times, provide completely incorrect information. Do not take any information from GPT 4 seriously until you fact-check it yourself.

These were the steps to install and use plugins on Chat GPT 4. We recommend using OpenTable, Wolfram, Zapier, Stories, Kayak, Show Me, and World News to name a few. Of course, you’re free to explore all the available options and pick the ones that fit you the best.

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