How to Remove Carrier Boot Logo on Samsung Phones

How to Remove Carrier Boot Logo on Samsung Phones

One of the most annoying things on a modern android phone is the Carrier Boot Logo on Startup. Since most of the phones sold in the US are through carriers, these companies add their startup screen every time you power on your device. Therefore adding one unnecessary piece of advertisement and wasting time. Therefore, here is How to Remove Carrier Boot Logo on Samsung Phones.

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Remove Carrier Boot Logo on Samsung Phones


Remove Carrier Boot Logo on Samsung Phones

This process does come with its risks as it involves rooting your device.


  1. Rooting your device will void your warranty.
  2. Knox security will be tripped, thus banking apps might not work.
  3. Download the stock ROM for your device from a legitimate website.
  4. If you use the wrong PIT file then it can permanently destroy your device.
  5. Back up all your important data as your phone will be wiped.


  1. Extract your stock ROM from the zip file into a folder then you want to copy the csc file.
  2. When done remove the .md5 extension at the end (You may need to Disable the “Hide extensions for know file types” in windows explorer settings).
  3. Open the renamed file with WinZip and look for a file ending with the .pit extension.
  4. Copy that file to your folder with all the files needed to flash.
  5. Using Odin go to the options tab and enable the re-partition and then go to the PIT file tab and click ok on the warning message.
  6. Click the PIT button and select the file we just copied now proceed as normal to select all your files to flash but instead of selecting the stock ap file you will choose your magisk patched version and then click start.
  7. After the whole process is done completely the setup and DO NOT CONNECT TO WIFI (THIS IS CRUCIAL) then plug your phone back into your pc and copy the magisk app.
  8. Install it using the default file manager (MY FILES) and when that is done copy the System App Remover.
  9. Open the app on your phone. Look for the application called “Recommended apps” or “Application Recommendations” select them and click the uninstall button.
  10. After uninstall is complete make sure to reboot and then you will be able to enjoy the device without the annoying boot logo.


Here is how you can Remove Carrier Boot Logo on Samsung Phones. Now your phone won’t waste time on the Carrier Boot Logo and restart quickly.

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