How To Install APK On WearOS using ADB

Google’s WearOS platform for smartwatches is essentially the same as the Android OS. It is just the toned-down version of the Android OS that we use on our Android smartphones. The WearOS powered watches support a lot of features and tools that our android smartphones do. One such example is the ability to enable developers mode on our WearOS watches, which opens a bunch of different tools that can be used to customise or diagnose our WearOS smartwatches. If, you want to try and sideload an APK on your WearOS watch, then below we have a detailed tutorial on how to install an apk on WearOS smartwatches.

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Google and Samsung have partnered up recently and now the latest galaxy Watch 4 also comes with wear OS 3. One of the first watches that are out with Google’s latest wear OS watch. In fact, Fossil and other WearOS manufacturers are still to launch a smartwatch with Wear OS 3. In this post, we will be using the ADB commands to install the Android app APK on our WearOS smartwatch.

How To Install APK On WearOS smartwatch Via ADB

  1. Make sure your computer has ADB set up already, if not then you can download it from here.
  2. Once, you have downloaded the platform-tools, extract it anywhere on your computer.
  3. Copy and paste the APK you want to install on your watch inside the platform-tools folder.
  4. Inside the platform-tools folder type cmd on the address bar.
  5. You will see a terminal window opened up. Type adb devices and press enter to start the ADB services.
  6. Now, on your smartwatch, make sure it is connected to the same wifi network as your computer.
  7. Go to settings of your smartwatch >>About Watch >> Software >> Tap 7 times on the software version.
  8. You will get a toast notification that Developers mode is turned on.Install APK On WearOS using ADB
  9. Now, go back to settings and scroll to the bottom to find the developer mode, click on it.
  10. Inside that, scroll down a bit and enable ADB Debugging. Confirm by pressing on the tick mark.
  11. Next, you need to enable Debug over WIFI, after enabling this, wait for a few seconds to see an IP address written below this option. Note it down on the notepad of your computer.
  12. Now, on your computer inside the terminal window type adb connect (IP Address that you noted) and press enter. Instantly check your smartwatch to give the WIFI Debugging permission to your computer, tap on always allow from this computer.
  13. Install APK On WearOS using ADB
  14. Now, we need to send the APK to the smartwatch by typing adb push (APK name) /sdcard/
  15. To install the APK type the command adb -e install apkname.apk and press enter. Wait for a few seconds for the installation to finish.
  16. That’s it, you have successfully installed the APK on your smartwatch.


A very handy feature, for those who want to try an app that is regional locked. You can try sideloading the apk from the apkmirror since it won’t be showing up for you on the Google Play store. You can also try to install Gpay on your smartwatch in those regions where it isn’t available officially. Here is a detailed guide on how to install and use Google Pay on the WearOS smartwatch using ADB.

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