How to Get IOS Emoji on One UI for Your Galaxy Devices Without Root

get IOS Emoji On One UI

When it comes to customisation Android phones are always the chosen ones. However, not all Android phones support an extensive level of customisation. Some require root for the ability to customize while others like the Google Pixel, support very minimal customization. On the other hand, Samsung’s One UI supports customization with no limits. You can change almost everything on your smartphone, your UI, icons, colours, themes and whatnot. If you are one of those people who uses a Galaxy device and doesn’t like the emoji of One UI then here is a guide on how to get IOS emoji on One UI. This will work for almost all of the devices that support custom font installation on One UI.

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It will be very helpful for those who have shifted from IOs and doesn’t like One UI emoji. I have tried it on galaxy S20 Plus running on One UI 3.0 and works flawlessly, so it should work on devices running One UI 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1. Make sure you follow each step correctly, otherwise it won’t work.

How To Get IOS Emoji On One UI

  1. Download zFont APK from Here.
  2. After installing the app open it and there should be a list, find and select IOS 14.6 under the Emoji section.How To Get IOS Emoji on One UI
  3. Download the iOS 14.6 emoji and then click on apply.
  4. Now choose the Android version, here you can select Auto(Recommended).How To Get IOS Emoji on One UI
  5. Install Samsung Sans font. To do so click on the 1st point that says “Install Samsung Sans“.
  6. Next, Go to settings>>Display>> and then fonts, select “Samsung Sans”.
  7. Now come back to the zfont app and in the screen select the 4th point that says backup data>> Let’s do it. Now only select settings and untick the rest of the options.How To Get IOS Emoji on One UI
  8. After the backup has finished, return to the zfont app and select uninstall Samsung Sans.
  9. Under How To change 
    • Select Install IOS 14.6 Emoji.
    • Then install IOS 14.6 Emoji.
    • Go to settings>> display>> fonts and select default font.
    • Now finally, return to the zfont app again and select Restore data which should be the 3rd point under how to change. Select restore and tick only settings untick the rest of the options.
  10. That’s it you can now check the emoji on your Samsung keyboard or board, it will be system-wide replaced with an IOS style emoji.

Note- It is recommended to use IOS 14.2 emoji sets as they look aesthetically better, due to some reason the IOS 14.6 emoji with Samsung Sans, messes some of the fonts as well, it is up to you you can either of them the method would be same.

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So this was a guide on how to get IOS emoji on One UI powered devices. In case you got stuck while performing the aforementioned steps, you can always connect to us on telegram, where a bunch of people using Samsung Galaxy devices will be happy to help.



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