How To Fix This Version Of Whatsapp Became out Of Date

Lately, Meta developers aren’t doing that good when it comes to pushing app updates to Whatsapp, especially for beta testers. There have been several bugs in the recent versions of the Whatsapp beta. Recently, a new bug came up for the Beta users of Whatsapp where they weren’t able to access the app at all. On opening the app the users see the error message this message of WhatsApp became out of date on 28 march 2023. Here is a quick tutorial on how to fix the error of this version of WhatsApp became out of date. This error started happening with version

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How To Fix This Version of Whatsapp Became Out Of Date

  1. First, go to the Play store and check if there is any new update available for Whatsapp and update if it is available.
  2. Otherwise, you will have to manually download and install the latest version of WhatsApp APK from APkmirror.
  3. Once, you have downloaded it, simply install the Whatsapp app from the APK you just downloaded.
  4. Now, press and hold the WhatsApp icon to open the App info page.
  5. Press the Force Stop button located at the bottom of the screen. This Version Of Whatsapp Became out Of Date
  6. Now, open WhatsApp, and the error message should have gone.

There are all types of bugs and glitches happening on Whatsapp beta users across the globe, but we are here to provide you with solutions for all types of bugs all the time.


So, this was a quick tutorial on how to fix this version of Whatsapp Became out of date on the Whatsapp beta app. Beta users should surely try this method to fix the issue. Those who are on the stable and are facing a similar kind of issue can also try this method, even though this should not happen on the stable version of Whatsapp.


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