How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Crashing on Android/iOS

Apex Legends Mobile is the latest entry into the moble battle royale space. In the short span of its existence, it has become very popular with mobile gamers. This game was earlier available on platforms like Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch. It is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store right now for free. Although the game has received a lot of updates and optimizations, users are still facing game crashes while playing. This article will go over the methods that can be followed to fix the issue where Apex Legends Mobile is crashing while playing.

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How to fix Apex Legends Mobile Crashing?

Crashes while playing any game will tamper with the experience of playing it. in this day and age, it’s unacceptable to live with a game that crashes often, especially one where finishing the match is crucial to progress. So, let us go over some troubleshooting methods to follow to fix this issue.

1. Checking internet connection

Apex Legends Mobile is an online multiplayer game and so a decent internet connection is a must. Slow internet speeds will cause the game to lag severely or even cause the game to crash due to it not being able to make a stable connection with the game servers. Check for your internet speeds and make sure that it is adequate.

2. Checking game settings

Having the correct setting is essential as it helps in the proper functioning of the game. If the settings are not proper, the game might experience frame drops, stutters, or even crashes. This happens mainly due to the overloading of the SoC.

The settings to look after are seen in the display settings option on the settings page of the game.

  • Lowering the graphics and frame rate will help reduce the load on the phone. The game defaults to a recommended setting that it deems are playable for the device. Try reducing either or both settings to see if the gameplay is more stable.
  • Turning on Adaptive Smoothening will help the game run smoothly even on relatively low-powered smartphones.
  • Turning off extra graphical options like dynamic shadows, anti-aliasing, and refraction quality will also reduce the load on the phone.

3. Closing background apps

Modern smartphones are capable of good RAM management and so background apps shouldn’t be much of an issue. But sometimes, certain apps running in the background can interfere with the game, thus causing it to not properly run or even be pushed out of memory causing it to crash. It is a good idea to clear all background processes during the gaming session. Many smartphones nowadays have a dedicated gaming mode or toggle that detects a game being run and automatically clears all the background processes, which should help in improved gameplay.

4. Verifying game permissions

All applications require certain permissions for proper functioning. This includes network, storage, location, mic, etc. Some permissions are not mandatory and can be left not allowed. But some are very important for the proper functioning of the game.

To check the permission, go to Settings, scroll down to Apps, and go to the App Management section. Select the Apex Legends App to check with Permission. Another way to go to the permissions settings is to Long press the app icon and click on Info. This will take you directly to the app manager page for the app.

5. Disabling battery saver mode to fix Apex Legends Mobile crashing issue

Smartphones nowadays come with a battery saver mode that limits certain functions of the device to extend battery life. This can come in handy when the battery is low and extending it as much as possible becomes a priority. But this can also impact the device’s general performance as it throttles the SoC and also disables or suppresses other functions like wifi, mobile data, location, etc.

It is recommended to disable the battery saver while playing any game and also while doing resource-intensive tasks like video editing etc.

6. Checking storage space

Low storage will affect the gameplay and also the general performance of the device especially when it comes to big games like Apex Legends. These games need a sizeable buffer memory for them to have smooth gameplay. Try to make up some extra space by removing large unwanted files and apps.

7. Clearing cache

All apps have a cache file that helps the app run faster. But this file could have issues that will cause the app to not function properly. Clearing the cache will help solve such issues.

For that, go to Settings, scroll down to Apps, and go to the App Management section. Select the Apex Legends App, go to storage management, and click on clear cache. Another way to go to the permissions settings is to Long press the app icon and click on Info. This will take you directly to the app manager page for the app.

8. Updating the phone’s firmware

Smartphones running older or outdated firmware may run into issues with running newer apps and games. Check for the latest firmware update and install it.

To check if there is any firmware to be installed, go to Settings > About Phone > Software update and check for the latest one and install it.

9. Reinstalling the game

If none of the above methods is not working, it is worth reinstalling the game as the file might be corrupted. This could happen when an important file is missing. It is an easy fix. It is recommended to install the game from the official website or Play Store/ App Store.

Download Apex Legends

If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, then here are the links to download the Apex legends mobile for both Android and iOS.


In this article, we have taken a look into the methods that can be used to prevent Apex Legends Mobile from Crashing. Even though the game was said to have been optimized fairly well for mobile it has faced various issues. Thankfully, the developers are pushing updates to fix such issues and over time the stability of the game is only going to improve.

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