How to fix OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 11R SIM slot not detected

After nearly two years of mostly underwhelming launches, OnePlus made a comeback with OnePlus 11 series. The 11 and 11R are promising phones with very good specs. However, some people have been reporting bugs with the SIM slot not being detected. These bugs are annoying to deal with, and this article will show you how to OnePlus 11 SIM card not detected.

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What causes these problems with the SIM slot?

Network service providers aren’t perfect with signal reception. This is one main reason your new phone might have issues with signal reception. You may want to check the general cellular reception in your area before further troubleshooting.

How To Fix OnePlus 11 SIM card not detected

Many things affect the connectivity of SIM cards. First, check whether you inserted the SIM card properly. In rare cases, it could be an issue with the antenna or modem on your phone or radio hardware, and you might need a replacement unit. If your phone shows “No SIM Card detected,” here are some possible solutions.

1. Toggle Airplane mode or restart your phone

Restarting your phone clears out all temporary glitches and solves bugs since it clears all cache and RAM. You can either select restart from the menu or power your device on after turning it off. After the restart, check if the connectivity has improved by looking at the signal bars.

You can also try toggling Airplane mode. Airplane mode disconnects all network services, and it might resolve SIM card issues. Note that enabling this will disconnect your phone from the internet. This is a basic method, but it does not harm your phone in any way. While there’s no guarantee that it could solve the issue, this forces your phone to reconnect to the nearest signal tower, so there’s a good chance.

You can enable Airplane mode from the notification panel of your phone. You’ll find the icon to enable it. Tap the icon once, wait a couple of seconds till everything disconnects, and tap it once more to turn Airplane mode off.

2. Try to change your carrier

Switching to a different carrier might sound difficult. However, the process is much simpler in recent times. Most popular ones offer porting, so you don’t have to change your phone number. New carriers offer coupons, data bonuses, plan extensions, free SIM deliveries, and more.

If you have any trouble with 5G network connectivity in your area since it’s inconsistent, you can disable 5G entirely until it’s good enough to use. Select Wi-Fi and Network on your phone and tap on SIM and network. From the preferred network type, you can select between 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G.

3. Reset network settings

In the Settings app of your phone, go to Additional Settings. You’ll find the backup and reset options. Tap on reset network settings and confirm the reset. This will erase all stored networking-related data on your phone.

This is a warning that it’ll erase all stored Wi-Fi information, network login info, paired Bluetooth headphones or speakers, etc. It sets the network selection mode to automatic, clears mobile data preferences, and sets the preferred mobile network type to the best available. This could address the bugs you have with the SIM card and cellular reception.

4. Re-insert the SIM Card and check if there’s any damage

Remove the SIM card from your OnePlus 11 or 11R with a suitable tool, and give it a clean wipe. Check whether you’re inserting it in the proper direction. Then, re-insert the SIM card properly. Restart your device and check for any signal improvements.

If you’re absolutely sure that you inserted the SIM card correctly, then check the SIM card for any hardware damage. If there aren’t any obvious cracks or deformations on the card, try inserting the SIM card into another device.

Provided the other device also fails to show any signal, then there’s a good chance the SIM card will be damaged. You’ll have to contact your carrier’s customer support and replace the SIM card in this case. If there’s any signal on other devices, then your phone could have potentially unlucky hardware, and you’ll have to contact customer care to try and resolve your problem.

5. Verify your IMEI number

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a unique number that identifies a device on any mobile network. Carriers and OEMs use this number typically to identify stolen goods. It’s crucial if you want to access any services from your carrier on your phone. You can verify your IMEI number by dialing *#06# or by checking the About Phone section. If a number doesn’t show up, you’ll have to contact customer support since this is most likely a faulty unit.

6. Reset the APN

Access Point Name, or APN, refers to the gateway between a 4G or 5G network. If a mobile network is to provide any signal at all, it has to go through an APN. It provides all the data your device needs to connect to mobile data.

If issues persist after trying everything, you can reset this gateway. Go to Settings, tap on Wifi & Network, and go to the SIM settings. There, you’ll find the SIM & network option. Here, you can reset the Access Point Name to default settings. Restart your phone and observe if reception gets any better.

7. Contact OnePlus support or visit a service center

OnePlus has good after-sale support in many regions. The service centers are filled with highly trained technicians who will be aware of any problems with the phone. They might find potential solutions like reflashing the OS or changing the SIM tray. These two solutions might work.

If there’s an unfortunate hardware issue with the modem, you still might get a free replacement, subjective to the terms of the warranty. You mostly won’t be charged. In some cases, they might replace the entire unit for free to avoid any hassles in the future.

You can also contact OnePlus Support and describe your problems with signal reception to them. Try following the suggestions they give, and see if it solves your issues.

This was how you can fix the SIM Card not detected error on the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 11R, and we hope they helped.

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