OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition Wallpapers

A few weeks ago OnePlus launched their 2023 flagship OnePlus 11 with all the latest specs they can pack, from Snapdragon 8 gen 2 to UFS 4.0. Now, the company has launched a special edition of their flagship phone. The OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition. The phone in terms of hardware is identical, except each unit has a different pattern, developed with a material that OnePlus calls “3D microcrystalline rock” with a fine sparkle under as the light hits it. While the specs remain the same, we are expecting a themed oxygenOS will be there just like the previous Oneplus special edition phones. The phone comes with a set of new wallpapers and can be applied on any other Android device including other Oneplus phones. So, below we have the link to download Oneplus 11 Jupiter Rock edition wallpapers.

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The Jupiter rock edition phone comes only on the 512 GB variant paired with 16 GB of RAM of the OnePlus 11. Oneplus has partnered with Hasselblad for the colour tuning of its camera. The back of the special edition OnePlus 11 looks extremely beautiful. By the looks of the image, the frame of the phone has gold accents that run across the borders of the phone and the camera module.

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition Wallpapers

Oneplus said production is so complicated, that the efficiency is just 25%, compared with the green glass panel, where the yield is 50%. Pre-orders are live in China, with the first sale scheduled for April 3. We also have some reports that claim that Oneplus will be launching this phone in India and some other countries as well. We don’t have the exact timeline for that even though, but they might launch it.

Download Jupiter Rock Edition Wallpapers

We have added the APk of the OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock edition wallpapers that includes static as well as live wallpapers.

  1. OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition Wallpapers APK
  2. OnePlus 11 Static Wallpaper


These wallpapers are of high quality and are available to download. You can apply it on any of your devices be it your computer or your OnePlus device.

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