How To Disable Ads On Samsung Galaxy Devices

Back in 2019, we saw Xiaomi implementing Ads in their MIUI. The ads are so annoying in the UI that it occurs even if you install an app or open settings. That’s implemented very poorly and just ruins the overall experience. However, Xiaomi is not alone of being guilty of showing ads on their UI. Samsung being one of the number 1 premium brands of Android smartphones also shows ads in its system apps. Even if you own a Galaxy S series or Note series you might be one of the victims who has faced ads in their UI. usually, people start to see ads in a weather app, Samsung Pay and other Samsung apps. Fortunately, Samsung has given an option to turn it off. below are the steps on how to disable ads on Samsung Galaxy Devices.

the Ads are shown on devices running One Ui 2.5 3.0 or even 2.1. So if you have any Samsung device running One Ui 2.5 or 3.0 can try and disable the ads on their smartphone by following the below method.

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How To Disable Ads On Samsung Galaxy Devices

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on your profile which is at the first, it will open up Samsung account info
  3. Now Go To the Privacy option
  4. Click on Customisation Service
  5. Here you will find options to disable Ads completely from your phone.
  6. There is an option customised apps you can open and select if you want only a particular app to not show ads and the rest of them can show.
  7. If you want to completely disable Ads on your phone just disable customised ads and direct marketing and customisation service.  Make Sure to disable ads for the apps from customised apps option mentioned in step 6.


So was a guide on how to disable ads on Samsung Galaxy Devices. After disabling try force stopping the app or clearing the cache if you still see ads. This will just make your flagship experience back to life which was ruined by ads. Trust me those ads on Weather and Samsung pay app was annoying and disabling them was much needed.

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