How To Debloat Samsung S Series Devices

As we all know that Samsung’s One Ui has a lot of apps which aren’t needed by all of us. Especially, if we talk about the flagship S series smartphones. for instance, there are multiple browsers, galleries and more. All of these apps do take up space on your phone but what’s more important is that some of them runs on background and eat up the RAM as well. Not to mention, the battery consumption is also high due to this. Be it the Snapdragon or Exynos variant of the Galaxy S phones you will get better performance overall after you debloat your phone. So here is a guide on how to debloat Samsung S series Smartphones.

Particularly if we talk about the phones that are running on one UI 2.5 like the Galaxy S20 and S10 series. this one will work fine with any other Samsung smartphone as well. just make sure you know what you are uninstalling and what you need to have. We have uploaded full list and you can filter out if you use any of the apps or services while removing the rest.

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How To Debloat Samsung S series smartphones

  • Make sure you have ADB installed on your PC, if not then get it from here.
  • Now enable USB debugging from the developer’s option on your Galaxy smartphone.
  • Connect your phone to the PC.
  • Now Open ADB on your Windows PC.
  • Type ADB devices. Click on Allow on your phone if prompt.
  • Now Download this file. It is a .txt file with commands written on it.
  • You have to copy and paste it on the ADB command prompt screen and press enter.
  • In the file, you can see a long list of apps that will be uninstalled. Copy and paste it in the ADB screen only the ones you want to uninstall from your phone.
  • Also if you want to install the apps back again then here is the file. Use it to bloat your phone back.

Few users who debloated there Galaxy S20+ were getting impressively great battery life. one of the users claimed to get 10 hours of screen time with 60hz of refresh rate on his Galaxy S20+ Snapdragon variant. So debloating really help to an extent to improve performance and battery life. Apps like Samsung daily, Samsung Members, Ar Zone, Bixby we hardly use any of them on a day to day basis and surely we have alternatives to these apps. Which are better from every aspect.

Also, we have a telegram group with a lot of Samsung users from across the world, you can join and discuss your issues or experience with the phone.

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