How to Build and Install ReVanced APK

YouTube recently pushed an update which renders the popular mod YouTube Vanced useless. As a result, users are searching for alternatives to YT Vanced so that they don’t have to pay for YT Premium which offers fewer features than Vanced. However, A new project has appeared that promises to solve all the problems. ReVanced offers the same features as Vanced and it isn’t discontinued by YT. Here is How to Build and Install ReVanced APK.

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How to build and Install ReVanced APK

Since the ReVanced project is still in the early stages. Therefore building an APK from a GitHub Repository will be a little tricky. As a result, users will need to compile the repository on their own. Therefore we don’t recommend regular users try this method. ReVanced manager hopes to solve this problem like the Vanced manager but there is no ETA on when it will be available.

But thanks to a Github project ReVanced Packer by xemulat. You can now easily build, pack, and deploy ReVanced APK with the latest version of the YouTube client. The ReVanced Packer comes as a Windows application built with Python and Java. You simply need to run the application and customize the ReVanced YouTube APK as you like.

Features of ReVanced APK

  1. Include Remove Ads
  2. Include Seekbar Tapping
  3. Include Amoled Theme
  4. Include Premium Heading
  5. Include Custom Branding
  6. Include Hide Cast Button
  7. Include Disable Create Button
  8. Include Minimized Playback
  9. Include old Quality Layout
  10. Include Hide Reels
  11. Include Disable Shorts Button
  12. Include Locale Config Fix (Recommended if compilation failed)
  13. Include Microg Support (Recommended on Non-Rooted Devices!)
  14. Include Resource Provider For Resource Mapping (Unknown)

How to Build ReVanced APK

Since the ReVanced Team is still working on the manager app. You will need to compile the Github Project manually.

Download ReVanced Packer EXE

Download microG APK

microG lets users log into YouTube. It is a free Open Source alternative to Google Play Services. Which is required for Google sign-in.

Build YouTube ReVanced APK

  1. Download the latest ReVancedPacker EXE from above.
  2. A command prompt or terminal will open.
  3. Press 2 if you don’t have Java 17 installed, or press 1 and continue.
  4. Choose for Stable and for YouTube beta.
  5. In the Disable Compatibility Check Prompt, type 2.
  6. Select If you want to download MicroG
  7. In the Integrations prompt select if you want all the features or you can customise by pressing 2.
  8. Press enter and the compilation will begin.
  9. After its completion, check the folder and you will have the latest ReVanced APK and MicroG APK.

Install ReVanced and MicroG

  1. Install the microG app as it is required foe the Google Sign In.
  2. Install the latest YouTube ReVanced APK.
  3. Launch ReVanced app and sign in to your Google account.


Here is How to Build and Install ReVanced APK. Since the ReVanced manager app is still in the works. Therefore, users will have to compile the APK by themselves which is a difficult process. But since Vanced has been discontinued, ReVanced is the new option.

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