How to Run Linux on Android Without Root

How to Run Linux on Android Without Root

Android as a platform is built on the Linux kernel, a software stack that interfaces with a device’s hardware. It enables an operating system to communicate with other devices. Therefore users can run Linux on Android devices. This can be useful in tablets that can use the big screen and the desktop environment. Here is How to Run Linux on Android Without Root.

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Linux on Android tablets can be very useful as it will essentially turn your tablet into a PC with a touchscreen. Thus bypassing the limitations set up by companies like Samsung and Lenovo which have dominated the Android tablet space.

How to Run Linux on Android Without Root

The best way to get Linux running on your phone with minimum issues is AndroNix. Shipping with eight distros, this useful tool also offers modded versions of some Linux operating systems for improved performance. The standard eight distributions are:

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Manjaro
  • Fedora
  • Kali
  • Void
  • Alpine
  • Arch

Out of all these, Ubuntu XFCE, Debian XFCE, Ubuntu KDE, and Manjaro XFCE have modded versions available for Android devices with ARMv8 chipsets and later. These modded versions are optimized to run on your smartphone, and the mods will let you enjoy Linux to the fullest, especially Ubuntu on Android.

Install Linux with AndroNix

Before starting, Install Termux, and a VNC viewing app (like VNC Viewer) is installed. You’ll need VNC to use your chosen Linux desktop. Lastly, install Andronix.

  1. Open Termux and type the below command.
    pkg upgrade
  2. Type “Y” on the prompt “Do you want to continue”.
  3.  Once completed, close the Termux app and open AndroNix.
  4. Select the Distro you want and click on the Install button.
  5. Click on the Copy button on the Instructions prompt.
  6. Click on the Termux button.
  7. Paste the copied command in Termux and click enter.
  8. Once the installation is over, type the below command to see the downloaded file.
  9. Type the below command with the name of your installed Distro to start Linux.
  10. Once done, Open AndroNix and select the desktop environment from the Instructions Prompt.
  11. After selecting the environment, open Termux and paste the copied command.
  12. After the installation, Termux will now ask you for the Keyboard Layout, Type “1” and hit enter.
  13. Now Enter the password you want to set up.
  14. Type “n” when Termux asks you for View Only Password.
  15. Once done, Open the VNC Viewer App.
  16. Click on the + sign and type the below command in Address and give a name of your choice in the session.
  17. In the Authentication prompt type the same password which you used in the Termux.
  18. Linux is now set up on your Android device.

How to Run Linux on Android Without Root


Here is How to Run Linux on Android Without Root. This process might be a bit overwhelming for some users and there might be errors when you try it for yourself. If you run into any errors retry the process and it will surely fix it.

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