Download Android Auto 8.0 APK With Latest Features

The eagerly awaited Android Auto 8.0 APK can now be downloaded. This is a brand-new beta release that makes a number of internal improvements and readies the application for a forthcoming Coolwalk UI redesign. For your Android smartphone running Android 8.0 or later, get the most recent Android Auto 8.0 APK here. As the sole rival to Apple Car Play, Google must constantly upgrade Android Auto with new features, stability updates, and bug patches. But as most people expected, there aren’t any notable changes in Android Auto 8.0 either. The majority of the changes are version bumps and various engine enhancements. Below we have discussed the Ui and the details of Android Auto 8.0. We have also added the links so that you can download android auto 8.0 APK with the latest features.

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No, Coolwalk UI is not currently available in Android Auto 8.0. To get the new Coolwalk UI on your phone or car display, you must be one of the chosen few since it is a server-side upgrade.

However, the most recent update may result in a widespread rollout of the Coolwalk interface within the next several days. There is a way to force it to be enabled, more on that later.

Android Auto Coolwalk UI

What is certain is that Google is developing a new Coolwalk user interface for Android Auto in a forthcoming upgrade. It appears that an update to Android Auto with the codename “Coolwalk” is in the works.

Most experts believed that this would probably arrive with the Android Auto 8.0 release. Although it isn’t the case yet, you might see it very soon.

Users of Coolwalk will be able to run multiple apps simultaneously in what appears to be a card-based user interface. The interface of Coolwalk was influenced by the Apple CarPlay dashboard.

Google continued to work on the new Android Auto UI after teasing it last year. View the updated UI below.

Although the Google Coolwalk improvement has been eagerly anticipated, the firm has so far kept quiet about it. Watch this space for any new information. Download the updated version now.

What Android Auto features

With the help of Android Auto’s many capabilities, you can have a more intelligent, interesting, and distraction-free trip. Following is a list of some of them:

  1. Use the display in your car or the one on your phone.
  2. While keeping your hands on the wheel, dial Contacts.
  3. Because this platform is connected with Google Assistant’s OK Google feature, you can use your voice to control it.
  4. Easy-to-use music streaming services include Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and more.
  5. Uncluttered user interface.
  6. Support chat services including Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Hangouts, among others.

Users can benefit from this platform in any car that allows integration with it. This support is provided by more than 500 different vehicles. Some of these are Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, and other brands.

Download the most recent Android Auto 8.0 beta APK

You need an Android phone running version 8.0 or higher and a high-quality USB cable for wired connection in order to utilize Android Auto in your car. Android Auto – Google Maps, Media & Messaging is now at version 7.9 on the stable channel and version 8.0 on the beta channel.

There are currently very few devices that are compatible with this software, and you cannot download it through the Play Store on those devices. Here on the Play Store, you can view the complete list.

Android Auto 8.0 Beta

Get Android Auto from the Play Store

A great app to have is Android Auto. Although a self-driving car may be a thing of the distant future for transportation, the near future is already here, and it’s really great.

How can I force Coolwalk to be enabled on Android Auto?

If your smartphone is rooted, you can use a program called AA-Tweaker to force the Coolwalk UI to be enabled on Android Auto. Patches for Google Play Services that enable additional functionality for Android Auto, such as the Collwalk Interface, can be applied via this tool.

  1. Download the most recent Android Auto APK using the link above.
  2. Get the most recent version of AA-Tweaker here.
  3. On your smartphone, install the AA-Tweaker APK.
  4. Launch it and update it.
  5. Switch off your phone.
  6. Activate the Android Auto app.

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