Best Windows 11 Launchers for Android

Android enthusiasts enjoy the freedom to personalize their devices, and the abundance of launchers and widgets on the Play Store makes it a playground for customization. For those captivated by the sleek charm of Windows 11, a variety of remarkable Windows-inspired launchers are ready for download. In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the finest Windows 11 launchers that effortlessly morph your Android smartphone into a sophisticated Windows 11 desktop.

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Windows 11 Launcher

The Windows 11 Launcher offers more than a mere visual overhaul; it provides a comprehensive desktop experience for your Android device. Effortlessly customize with a user-friendly interface and small Windows icon, this launcher seamlessly supports diverse Windows themes. Notably, it integrates text-based Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, for enhanced functionality.

Win 11x Launcher 2022 

Emulating the desktop view of Windows 11, the Win 11x Launcher 2022 offers a unique blend of customization and convenience. Users can tailor the Start button, hide the navigation bar for increased screen real estate, and utilise a dedicated search panel for efficient content discovery. Quick access to features like This PC and System Settings enhances the overall user experience.

 Win 11 Computer Launcher 

Windows Launchers for Android

The Win 11 Computer Launcher introduces a landscape mode, broadening the visual spectrum and transforming your Android device into a desktop-style interface. Its vibrant UI, coupled with a plethora of theme color options, facilitates a personalized look and feel. Built-in tutorials serve as friendly companions, guiding users through the intricacies of icons, apps, and settings.

 Win X Launcher

Immerse yourself in the sleek, black-themed interface of the Win X Launcher, capturing the premium essence of Windows 11. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this launcher is celebrated for its speed and responsiveness. Customization options, including double-tap functionality and light-dark mode toggles, contribute to a dynamic and user-friendly experience.

Computer Launcher 2021 – Win 1

Windows Launchers for Android Windows Launchers for Android

For enthusiasts of minimalism, the Computer Launcher 2021 presents a clean, minimalist appearance without compromising versatility. The launcher boasts a straightforward UI with large, easy-to-tap icons, offering a range of customization options for fonts, icons, and theme colours.

Computer Style Home Launcher

Windows Launchers for Android

The Computer Style Home Launcher extends aesthetic control by allowing users to alter the colour and transparency of the taskbar. With a simple Start Menu showcasing all apps, accompanied by Clock and Google Search widgets, this launcher strikes a balance between elegance and functionality.

Microsoft Launcher

Windows Launchers for Android

For users seeking an authentic Windows experience on Android, the Microsoft Launcher, crafted by Microsoft itself, stands as the official conduit. While it may not precisely mirror Windows 11’s theme, it offers familiar icons and customization features, ensuring a functional, fast, and reliable launcher.

Winner Launcher

Embracing the Windows 10 aesthetic, Winner Launcher features a familiar layout for icons, widgets, notifications, and quick settings. It’s an excellent choice for users eager to replicate the Windows 10 experience on their Android devices.

Windix 10 Launcher

Windows Launchers for Android

Merging the best of Windows 10 and Windows 11, the Windix 10 Launcher provides tailored settings for desktop customisation, animated effects, and quick access to important files and system settings.


Quick Tips for Windows 11 Launchers on Android:

When installing a Windows launcher, set it as your default launcher for optimal performance. Be mindful of required permissions, as granting them enhances launcher-specific features. Consider the potential impact on battery life, especially with battery-intensive features like animated effects.

While the era of Windows phones may have concluded, Android users can still relish Windows-inspired features. The Windows Launcher 11 stands out as a favourite, but exploring the diverse options on the list allows users to find the perfect Windows-inspired launcher for a unique Android desktop experience!

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