Set Contact Image as Call Background in One UI

Set Contact Image as Call Background

We all know Samsung provides a ton of customization in One UI. From setting custom vibration patterns to setting custom call background video, one UI has it all covered. However, one important thing that most of the One UI users felt was missing is the ability to set contact images as the call background. Similar to what we have seen on iPhones. Currently, we see a small circular photo beside the name of the contact from whom we are getting the call. But, here we have a quick hidden trick through which you will be able to set the contact image as call background on all the devices that are running one UI 4 and above.

With one UI 3.1, Samsung enabled a custom call background video option. This means you can set any custom video of up to 15 seconds as the call background of your device. So whenever you get a call or you make a call you will be seeing the video being played in the background. However, a lot of users including me wanted to set the contact image as the background, so that if anyone calls, we will be able to see the contact image as the full screen in the background which would look so cool. Finally, we have found a way to set the contact image as the call background in one UI-powered device.

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How to  Set Contact Image as Call Background in One UI

  1. Make sure your device is running on One UI 4 or above and that you have set the default call background video as shown below.Set Contact Image as Call Background
  2. Download the app Shortcut maker from here.
  3. Now, open the app and click on Activities.Set Contact Image as Call Background
  4. Then search for lab from the top search bar.
  5. You will see the top result being shown as the call app tap on the down arrow from the right and click on the Labs (
  6. Inside the labs screen tap on the try this shortcut located right below the app icon.
  7. Now, from the labs page tap and enable the toggle that says Contact Photo Call Background.
  8. That’s it, you have successfully enabled the contact photo as your call background and if you want then you can remove the app shortcut maker that you just now downloaded.


This was a quick hidden trick that Samsung has kept as a hidden easter egg of call app for one Ui. You cannot access this directly without the app, so make sure to follow the tutorial exactly the way it is mentioned. As of now, this works well on A series and S series devices that are running One Ui 4 and 4.1.

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