Nearby Share Download for MacOS [Guide]

It might not be very common but there are still a lot of people who prefer using Apple’s computers with Android phones because of better-optimised software and apps compared to their Windows competitors. Windows and Android phone users can use nearby share to transfer files between the devices and MacOS and iPhone users can use AirDrop for that but if you have a MacOS device and an Android phone the process can get tricky but with this new app that’s finally changing.

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NearDrop: Nearby Share receiver for MacOS

Developer Gregory K, aka griskha announced his new MacOS app on Reddit today called NearDrop. It’s an open-source app with its only purpose of becoming a receiver on MacOS. A few months ago grishka was able to reverse-engineer some of Nearby Share’s functionality which enabled the developer to port the feature to Macs but with a few caveats.

Before you install this, do note that NearDrop only functions as a receiver on MacOS which means you can send files only from your phone to Mac and not vice versa at least for the time being. Also, another caveat is that your phone and MacOS device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this to work. Now with all this out of the way let’s get into installing the app on your MacOS device.

How to Install and Use NearDrop

Installing and setting up the app is fairly easy. First, download the ZIP file from the app’s release page on GitHub. After installing, extract the ZIP and move it to the Applications folder on your MacOS device.

Because you downloaded this file from the internet, MacOS will prevent you from opening this for which you need a workaround to open it for the first time. Go over to the Application’s folder in the finder, right-click NearDrop and choose Open from the menu. Then another prompt will appear and click Open on this too. Now you will be able to open NearDrop normally like any other app in the future.

After NearDrop starts running, give it permission to post notifications. From there make sure your phone and MacOS device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Now, find a file you want to send to your MacOS device. Then, tap on the share button on your phone and Select Nearby Share on the share page. If Nearby Share isn’t present in front, you might have to find the “More” button. This depends on the app your file is present in.

Give it a few seconds, maybe even minutes then your MacOS device should pop up on your phone’s screen.

After selecting your MacOS device on your phone head over to your Mac. You should get a notification here and on this notification, select the “Options” button then select “Accept”. Now the file will start being shared from your Android phone to your MacOS device! The file will take time depending on how big the size is. Once it’s transferred you will be able to view the file on your Mac’s Downloads folder.

The app is fairly new and the developer is constantly working on it hence it will get updated with more refinements to it such as faster transfer speeds and potentially even an option to send file from your Mac to your phone. For now, this is all the app can do but it’s still a huge step in the right direction.

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