Install MIUI 11 Beta on any Xiaomi phone

Want to install the MIUI 11 Beta on your Xiaomi phone? We will show you how to update older phones to the MIUI 11 software or if you want to downgrade to MIUI 11 from a newer version. You can install the MIUI 11 Beta from China since the global Beta is permanently discontinued. Phones that do not have a Chinese launch won’t have a Beta for MIUI 11, so this method will not work. Note that this method doesn’t need any root access. You don’t have to wipe your phone, either.

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Shifting to Chinese builds has lots of benefits, like more features and fewer bugs. You don’t even have to reset your device, so here are the pre-requisites to do it:

  1. Unlock the bootloader of your phone.
  2. Take a backup of your data for safety reasons.
  3. You will need access to a PC or laptop.
  4. Your phone has to be at close to full charge.

How to install MIUI 11 Beta on any Xiaomi phone

  1. Turn your phone off. You can shut it down from Settings or use the power button.
  2. Open your PC or laptop since you need it for this process.
  3. Download the ADB Folder, any MIUI 11 ROM, and also Orange Fox Recovery. You’ll have to extract the last one.
  4. After you finish extracting this, open the ADB Folder. Now, double-click on the cmd file.
  5. Command Prompt (CMD) should now open in a new window.
  6. Now, you need to enter Fastboot mode on your phone. To do this, hold the Power and Volume Down button down for a few seconds. It should now enter Fastboot mode.
  7. Connect your phone to your PC or laptop via a USB-C cable.
  8. On your PC, you need to type a few commands now. First, type fastboot devices and hit the enter key. If it shows a random number, then your device is successfully connected to the PC.
  9. Type fastboot flash recovery and hit the enter key. You’ll have to drag and drop the recovery image.

Final steps:

  1. On your phone, you have to now enter Recovery. Press the Power button and Volume Up button together.
  2. Your phone will now boot into Recovery. It will go to the Files action.
  3. Open your phone’s internal storage on your PC. You can find it on This PC.
  4. Copy and Paste the MIUI 11 ROM ZIP File that you have downloaded before.
  5. Now, this will copy the ROM into your phone.
  6. Open the Orange Fox Recovery Page. You have to Swipe to Unlock.
  7. Locate the MIUI ROM File that you’ve installed before and choose it.
  8. Now, Swipe to Install it. You won’t lose any data, and this method didn’t involve any root. However, if you get any errors with Force Close, you have to go back and wipe your entire data, and then you have to retry the procedure. After the flashing of the ROM is complete, tap on Reboot System. 
  9. That’s it, MIUI 11 is now successfully installed on your device. If you follow everything in the guide without skipping tests, you won’t get any errors. You will still get OTA updates, and those will help fix bugs and inconsistencies.

Note: The Chinese Build of MIUI does not have the Google Play store or Google Services. You have to download the APK of Google Play, and it’ll run normally after that.

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