How To Use Google Assistant On Galaxy Buds

So it’s been a while since Samsung has been releasing true wireless earphones. there are the original Galaxy Buds then comes to the Galaxy Buds Plus, last year Samsung launched Galaxy buds live and after that with the Galaxy fold series Samsung launched the Galaxy Buds Pro 2. They all are a very good pairs of wireless earbuds. All of them come with great sound quality and good features as well. The last year’s Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy buds pro of this year come with Active Noise cancellation which is a very good technology and a premium one too. All of these buds also feature ambient sound feature as well. Not only that these buds have touch controls as well. However, by using the touch controls you can do several tasks and even call your phone’s assistant. In that case, if you have a Samsung device with Bixby then it will call Bixby and there is no official way through which you can change it to google assistant since nobody uses Bixby. But, fortunately, we found a way through which you can finally change your default assistant to call-on earbuds to Google from Bixby. here is how to use Google Assistant on Galaxy Buds.

As there is no official setting in the Galaxy wearable app through which you can change it. inside the app, there is only an option to enable or disable the Bixby on the galaxy buds. Also, not to mention if you prefer Amazon Alexa that can also be configured to be used on your Galaxy buds.

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How to set Google as the default assistant on Galaxy Buds

  1. First of all, find the Bixby app on your Samsung Galaxy device. Then press and hold and tap on the small info icon that should be at the top right corner of the pop-up opened.
    1. Now on the next screen look for the Set as default option tap on it and then click on Clear defaults.
    2. Now you have successfully removed Bixby as your default assistant from your device.
    3. Most Android devices come pre-installed with the Google app. If for some reason you don’t have the Google app here is the link to install it.
    4. Next, connect your Samsung Galaxy Buds and wear them to your ears.
    5. Now use the gesture for assistant which you have set on the Galaxy wearable app.
    6. On the phone, it will prompt you to complete the action using and then there will be the Google app to select.
    7. Select the Google app and that’s it.
    8. Now, you can activate google assistant every time you use the assistant gesture on your Samsung galaxy buds.
  2. To Conclude

    So this was a guide on how to use google assistant on Galaxy Buds. it is a very handy tutorial since most of us were stuck in using the Bixby as our assistant while using the galaxy buds. But now, we have the option to select other assistants as well like Alexa or google assistant. My pick would be just to use google assistant since no other assistant is better than Google.

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