How to identify music playing around you on your iPhone

Good music is enjoyed by everyone. Ever wondered which song was playing in the supermarket while picking groceries, or while waiting at a bus station? If you have, here are some ways to identify the music playing around you on your iPhone. One popular app was Shazam. It was able to recognize a song playing in the background. Apple has now acquired this app and tightly integrated its functionalities into iOS, thus eliminating the need for an additional app. Read below to know how you can identify music playing around you on your iPhone.

How to identify music playing around on your iPhone

Below is a quick tutorial on how you can easily identify music playing around on your iPhone using control center.

Toggle in Control Center

You can easily set a toggle in the Control Center to help in identifying songs. This is quite straightforward and requires you to set it up once. You can set it up on your iPhone by following the steps given below.

  • Go into the Settings app
  • Click on Control Center
  • Scroll down and select the ‘+’ icon next to Music Recognition.
  • A toggle will be added to the Control Center.
  • Click on the toggle to listen to the music playing around you.
  • If it identifies the song, a notification with the song’s name will appear.
  • Tap and hold for a link to Apple Music for the same song.
  • If you want to see a list of all the identified songs, tap and hold the toggle in the control center.
  • The list will be seen on other Apple devices if you have iCloud sync enabled.

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Ask Siri to identify

Another method is to directly ask Siri instead of going to the Control Center. For this, just trigger Siri by holding the power button or by saying the key phrase “Hey Siri”. Then ask “What song is this?”. Now, wait for the results. If it is able to identify the song, it will display the song name and a link to the same in Apple Music.


Identifying music on the go is a very simple yet often overlooked feature on a smartphone. This article aims at helping you easily identify songs on your phones in two simple methods. The toggle in the control centre is a very simple yet efficient tool not only to identify the songs but to keep track of all the songs you identified over a long time. If you are in a hurry and can’t be bothered to go into the control centre, just ask Siri which song is playing and you’ll get the name of the song.

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