How to Get Pixel’s Now Playing Feature on other Phones without Root

Google is known to have some exclusive features for its Pixel phones to make them stand out. Most of these features are intelligent pieces of software that make a user’s life easy. One of these features is Now Playing, this software tells you what song is being played around you without you needing to search for it. This feature s been exclusive to the Pixel phones but thanks to the modding community. This feature has been ported to other phones in the form of a hybrid Xposed-Magisk module named Ambient Music Mod. Here is How to Get Pixel Now Playing Feature on Other Phones.

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Ambient Music Mod

Features of Ambient Music Mod

  1. Automatic Ambient Music recognition.
  2. Now Playing History and Favourites support.
  3. On-demand recognition using Google Assistant on supported devices.
  4. Show Now Playing songs on the lock screen.
  5. View the full track list of recognisable songs.

Ambient Music Mod uses a modified version of a Google app called Android System Intelligence. Therefore the performance of the Ambient Music Mod and Google’s Now Playing feature is the same. But there are some differences between both of them.


On Pixel smartphones, you can access the “Now Playing” option under Settings => Sound & vibration. However, Ambient Music Mod is a standalone app, hence you can find its entry on your launcher’s app listing section. After tapping on the icon, you can access the Now Playing screen and additional options.

Recognising the Ambient Music

After Downloading the Music Database. You should be able to turn on the option named “Identify songs playing nearby” for both. On a Google Pixel device, the songs playing around you should automatically be identified and shown on the lock screen.

Ambient Music Mod, allows you to toggle this option. In case you don’t want to clutter your lock screen, you can opt for the manual “Recognize” button to identify the music.

Now Playing History and Music search

The Now Playing History section is virtually identical in both implementations. You can explore the history of recognized tunes, add them under the Favorites list, and optionally place a shortcut of the section to your home screen for quick access.

How to Get Pixel Now Playing Feature on other Phones

Ambient Music Mod is a free and open-source mod. You can find the latest version of the APK on the project’s GitHub repo linked below.

Download Ambient Music Mod

After installation, Ambient Music Mod will ask for Shizuku access. Depending on the underlying Android version, you may continue with root or non-root mode. Next, the app will download a few additional components and prompt you to give the required permissions.


Here is How to Get Pixel Now Playing Feature on other Phones. The Now Playing feature comes in very handy in public places where you hear a good song but have no idea what it is. With the help of Ambient Music, Mod users can now enjoy this Pixel Exclusive feature.

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