How to Get Daydream Working on the Pixel 6 Pro

Launched in 2016, Daydream View was Google’s first major foray into VR. Though sold as a standalone product, Daydream View wasn’t one. Like most VR headsets of its generation, it was tied to a smartphone for content. But after not receiving the kind of response Google was hoping for, they discontinued it with android 12. But many enthusiasts do want to use Daydream with their new Pixels, therefore How to Get Daydream Working on the Pixel 6 Pro

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The fact that users had to place the smartphone on the headset felt restrictive as users couldn’t do anything else on it while it was being used to access VR content. Although VR is fun, most people probably didn’t see the benefit of buying a headset and compatible apps just for home use, which could explain why Google decided to drop support for Daydream.

Install Daydream on the Pixel 6 Pro

  1. Install the Magisk module and activate it.
  2. Install the Daydream and Daydream keyboard apks.
  3. Install this modified VR services apk.
  4. Go to the Daydream app, and go through the setup process.
  5. Uninstall the Daydream app, and install this older Daydream apk.

The app might not load for the first couple of times. Keep on trying till it does.

Bugs in the Daydream app

As this app is supposed to be discontinued and is only supposed to work till Android 11. Therefore there will be a lot of bugs and most apps don’t work anymore.

  1. Sometimes when you try to connect your controller, it won’t connect the first time. This might be due to it being a Bluetooth low energy device. So if it doesn’t, connect it to the charger, and hold the two bottom buttons for about 5 seconds. Hit “Try again” on the screen, push the daydream button, and it should successfully connect.
  2. For some reason, you must install the most recent version of the Daydream app first to set it up. If you try to install an older version first, the app will try to connect to Google, and it will give an error message. The most recent version of Daydream does work though, but the screen will be distorted, that’s why you should install the previous version which will give you the correct aspect ratio.

Apps supported on Daydream

Firstly, the google play store will not work through the Daydream headset. You will have to download apps by either browsing through the daydream app, or searching on the google play store. As stated above, you, unfortunately, won’t find many apps that work, and many developers have pulled their VR versions of their apps off the store (so you may have to download apks if you want to test to see if an app works). But here are some apps that still work.

Firefox Reality Browser

It is the only functioning browser and works quite well. You can use streaming services like HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, the browser doesn’t work with Disney+ and Netflix. You can download the apk here.

Netflix VR

Surprisingly Netflix VR is still available on the Play Store and works perfectly without needing to install any previous version.

VRTV Video Player

VRTV has been the go-to video player for many Daydream users and it still works like a charm. You’re able to play mostly any VR videos that you have stored on your device, or stream mostly any VR videos by pasting the streaming link in the app. You can download it to the google play store.

YouTube VR

Youtube VR is one of the google apps that hasn’t been delisted from the play store and works perfectly fine. You don’t need to install any previous versions.


Here is How to Get Daydream Working on the Pixel 6 Pro. It’s a bummer that Google discontinued it but VR has slowly been turned into a thing of the past as AR is gaining traction. But there are still users who want to enjoy their Daydream headsets.

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