How to Fix the CHKDSK Stuck Error

CHKDSK is a command in the Windows Command Line to run a program, or utility, known as Check Disk. The Check Disk program makes sure that the computer’s files and file system are in order. It also checks the physical disk to see if there are any damaged sectors and tries to recover the data from them. Here is how you can Fix the CHKDSK Stuck Error.

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Why Does CHKDSK Run at Start-Up?

CHKDSK runs at the startup to ensure every file on the system is in order. But it won’t clean things up or fix them unless you explicitly tell it to do so. This is done by adding command-line flags such as /f for fixing disk errors and /r for recovering info from bad sectors.

But if the CHKDSK runs at every startup for you then there is an issue with your hard drive. The exact reason will be much harder to find, but a critical system file may have been corrupted or deleted. Perhaps there are a lot of bad sectors that aren’t getting dealt with. Since Check Disk won’t fix those unless you tell it to do so. Therefore, Windows might run it on every startup to check for problems.

How to Stop Check Disk to stop Running on Every Startup

Since the exact cause of the issue is unknown, there are several fixes you can try to resolve this issue.

Make Sure CHKDSK Is Not a Scheduled Task

  1. In the Search tab, type Task Scheduler and click Open.
  2. Check if there is a Check Disk task there, if yes then Right-Click on it and press Delete.

Make Sure CHKDSK Is Not Scheduled to Run on Startup

Check Disk might be scheduled to run on the next Startup. To check this, you need to:

  1. In the Search tab, type CMD and select Run As Administrator.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type the command mentioned below and hit Enter.
    chkntfs c:
  3. If you see the following message, then Check Disk is scheduled to run on the next start.
    The type of file system is NTFS.
    Chkdsk has been scheduled manually to run on next reboot on volume C:
  4. If you get the following message, then it is not scheduled to run.
    The type of the file system is NTFS.
    C: is not dirty.
  5. n the Command Prompt window, type the following command and hit Enter.
    chkntfs /x c:

This will prevent Check Disk from running on the next start.

How to Run Check Disk with the Right Flags

If there is a legitimate problem with the storage of your PC then you might as well tell it to fix any problems and recover what it can from the bad sectors. To do so, you will need Administrator access to the computer.

Check for Windows 7 or Earlier

On Windows 7 or earlier, this process can take a while hours or maybe a day or two. So make sure you have the time and do not interrupt the process in between

  1. Type Command Prompt in the search area of the taskbar and click on Run as administrator.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type the command mentioned below and hit Enter.
    chkdsk C: /r
  3. If the CMD says “Cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)” Type Y and press Enter to schedule Check Disk with the repair option.

The /r flag will try to recover information from the bad sectors and will assume that you want to fix the errors.

Restart your computer and leave it to do its thing. Once it’s done, your file system should be repaired and Check Disk shouldn’t run at start-up anymore unless there’s another issue.

Check for Windows 8 or Newer

For Windows 8 or earlier the process is much more efficient and won’t take a lot of time.

  1. Launch Command Prompt and execute the following command:
    chkdsk C: /scan
  2. Once that is finished, execute the following command:
    chkdsk C: /spotfix
  3. Then, type Y and press Enter to schedule Check Disk.
  4. Now, restart your computer.

Check Disk will run and fix any problems that were identified in the scan. Because it’s only fixing those specific problems, the process only takes a few seconds to a few minutes.


Here is How to Fix the CHKDSK Stuck Error. Check Disk is an essential feature in Windows as it helps in keeping check the device’s storage for problems. If you are still facing the issue of Check Disk then we recommend contacting Customer Support at Microsoft.

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