How to Fix Journal Schedule Not Working On iOS 17

Following a recent update to iOS17, iPhone users have faced a challenge with the Journal Schedule feature. Despite the introduction of the Journal app, equipped with on-device machine learning and personalized writing suggestions, some users are encountering obstacles when attempting to schedule their entries. This guide aims to present a straightforward workaround for the Journal Schedule not working.

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What is the Issue?

Despite being able to set the schedule time, users are facing hurdles when attempting to set a specific date for their Journal entries. Instead of enabling the selection of a date, the system consistently prompts them with a message instructing them to “Turn on notification,” even though their iPhones already have notifications enabled. This unexpected behaviour has left users frustrated as they seek to make the most of the Journal Schedule feature.

How to solve the issue?

The solution to this problem is surprisingly uncomplicated. To rectify the Journal Schedule not working issue on your iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Close All Background Apps:

  • Ensure all apps are closed in the background.
  • This can be accomplished by double-clicking the home button (or using the gesture, depending on the iPhone model) and swiping away each open app.

2. Relaunch the Journal App:

  • Open the Journal app.
  • It is advisable to wait for a minute or two before reopening the app.

By following these straightforward steps, you should now be able to set the schedule for your Journal entries without encountering any hindrances.

How to Set a Journaling Schedule on an iPhone

  • You can schedule journaling notifications to help build a habit.
    1. Go to Settings  > Journal > Journaling Schedule, then turn on Schedule.
    2. Choose the time and days of the week.

This guide provides a quick and simple workaround for iPhone users experiencing the Journal Schedule not working issue. Closing all background apps and relaunching the Journal app can effectively overcome the glitch, allowing users to seamlessly utilize the Journal Schedule feature. If you have any additional questions or encounter challenges with the provided solution, feel free to inquire in the comments section, and we’ll promptly assist you.

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