How to close apps that are running using Quick Settings

Want to close apps from Quick Settings; apps that are running in the background on your phone? Power users almost always have a lot of apps running in the background. They get more done in a shorter time frame if background tasks are continuously running. Most flagship chips of today can handle multiple heavy apps running in the background.

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UFS 3.1 and UFS 4 storage and LPDDR5X RAM and above can mostly handle it without significantly slowing your device down. However, this can severely affect the overall performance of your phone if you’re using a mid-range phone or a phone with a relatively cheaper SOC and components.

If you’re on a flagship chip like the Snapdragon 865 and above, we don’t think there’s a problem with performance. However, battery issues can still crop up. Looking at the apps running currently from Quick Settings also helps if you have the latest 2024 flagships. You can disable the unwanted ones and get even more battery life.

Running background tasks is a key perk for Android phones. It’s a lot more practical to run uploads and downloads in the background. Recognizing the battery issues, Google has a very simple solution if you don’t want apps running in the background. Google has a native first-party solution for this, and you can easily view or stop them right from the Quick Settings. You don’t have to go into the Settings app for this, either.

How to see which apps are running using Quick Settings on your Android phone

Most people reading this are probably on Android 14 or Android 13. You can just use the Quick Panel normally.

  1. Swipe down when you’re on your home screen to open the notification centre. You can also enter this when you’re in another app, but you have to swipe down from the very top.
  2. Swipe down once more. This will completely expand the Quick Settings panel.
  3. At the bottom right, you will see the number of apps that are currently active. It displays the apps that are running in the background.
  4. You’ll see an arrow next to it that you’ll have to tap on.
  5. Now, a popup will appear that shows all the apps running in the background.
  6. If you want to stop a particular app from running, you can just press the Stop button that’s next to it. If you press stop, it will suspend the background activity completely. This closes the app from the background and effectively stops any task it’s currently doing.

If you’re on an older version, you can view them under the battery section of the Settings app. If it’s too bothersome, you can open the app info of the particular app and force stop it. Note that this method doesn’t show apps like YouTube Music that are currently running in the background.

Should you close Active Apps?

Android is an intelligent operating that can allocate memory and resources adequately. In most cases, it can manage background tasks and Active Apps on its own. It doesn’t need manual interference. This could negatively impact performance since it can stop Android’s learning and adaptation to your use.

We recommend to close apps from Quick Settings manually only if:

  1. It’s draining too much battery.
  2. It’s negatively impacting your phone’s performance; the phone is laggy or sluggish.
  3. You have an older phone or a phone with a relatively weak SOC.

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