Guide on Changing CSC in Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 / 6 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, recently launched in the global market, has been making waves among smartwatch enthusiasts. This feature-rich device offers a plethora of functionalities, one of which is known as “CSC,” short for Country-Specific Code. While CSC is designed to tailor the device’s features to your specific region, it comes with both advantages and disadvantages. CSC plays a vital role as it helps validate the device’s country, subsequently granting access to specific features and updates relevant to that region. However, the flip side is that if a particular feature is unavailable in your region, you won’t be able to utilize it. Fortunately, there’s a way to work around these limitations – by altering your CSC. If you’re interested in learning how to change the CSC on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or 6 Classic, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide.

How to Change CSC in Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 / 6 Classic

Changing the CSC (Country Specific Code) on a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or 6 Classic isn’t a straightforward process. It involves adjusting settings that are typically controlled by the device’s firmware. It’s crucial to note that tampering with these system settings may void your warranty and potentially lead to unexpected issues with your device. Thus, you should proceed with caution and seek professional assistance if needed.

Method 1: Using Developer Mode

This method entails accessing hidden developer settings on your device, typically reserved for software developers. These settings provide access to various functions, including the option to change CSC codes.

  1. Open the settings and navigate to About watch > Software > Build number. Tap the build number multiple times to activate Developer Mode.
  2. Return to the primary Settings menu, where you’ll now find Developer options. Look for an option related to changing the CSC or region settings.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to select your preferred region or CSC code. Keep in mind that this option may not be available on all devices or firmware versions.
  4. After altering the CSC, restart your Samsung watch to enjoy the benefits of the new CSC code firmware.

Method 2: Using the Watch Dialer

In this method, the dialer is employed to access firmware check and testing mode, allowing you to change specific system settings, including the CSC code. Be cautious when using this method, as it may not be compatible with all devices or firmware versions.

  1. Launch the Samsung phone Dialer app on the watch and dial #272719434266344#.
  2. Accept the warning message that appears.
  3. Change the CSC code to your desired location, keeping in mind that this is a one-time change with no option to revert to a different CSC.

Global Samsung Country CSC Codes

AFG = Afghanistan

TMC = Algeria

ARO = Argentina

ANC = Argentina

CTI = Argentina (Claro)

UFN = Argentina (Movistar)

PSN = Argentina (Personal)

TTR = Austria

DRE = Austria (3 Hutchison)

MOB = Austria (A1)

MAX = Austria (T-Mobile)

TRG = Austria (Telering)

XSA = Australia

OPS = Australia (Optus)

TEL = Australia (Telstra)

VAU = Australia (Vodafone)

SEB = Baltic

BNG = Bangladesh

PRO = Belgium (Proximus)

BVO = Bolivia

TEB = Bosnia and Herzegovina

BHT = Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH TELECOM)

ZTO = Brazil

ZTA = Brazil (Claro)

ZTR = Brazil (Oi)

ZTM = Brazil (TIM)

ZVV = Brazil (VIVO)

GBL = Bulgaria

BGL = Bulgaria

MTL = Bulgaria (MTL)

VVT = Bulgaria (VVT)

CAM = Cambodia

CAU = Caucasus Countries

CHO = Chile

CRC = Chile

CHL = Chile (Claro)

CHE = Chile (Entel PCS)

CHX = Chile (Nextel)

CHT = Chile (Telefonica)

CHV = Chile (VTR)

CHC = China (Open China)

CHM = China (China Mobile)

CTC = China (China Telecom)

COO = Colombia

COM = Colombia (Comcel)

COE = Colombia (ETB)

COB = Colombia (Movistar)

ICE = Costa Rica

DHR = Croatia (Bonbon)

CRO = Croatia (T-Mobile)

TWO = Croatia (TELE2)

VIP = Croatia (VIPNET)

CYV = Cyprus

CYO = Cyprus (Cytamobile Vodafone)

ETL = Czech Republic

O2C = Czech Republic (O2C)

TMZ = Czech Republic (T-Mobile)

VDC = Czech Republic (Vodafone)

CDR = Dominican Republic

DOR = Dominican Republic (Orange)

EBE = Ecuador

ECO = Ecuador

EGY = Egypt

VFJ = Fiji (Vodafone)

XEF = France

BOG = France (Bouygues)

FTM = France (Orange)

SFR = France (SFR)

DBT = Germany

XEG = Germany (1&1)

DDE = Germany (Congstar)

VIA = Germany (O2)

DTM = Germany (T-Mobile)

VD2 = Germany (Vodafone)

EUR = Greece

COS = Greece (Cosmote)

VGR = Greece (Vodafone)

TGU = Guatemala

PGU = Guatemala

CGU = Guatemala (Tigo)

TGY = Hong Kong

XEH = Hungary

TMH = Hungary (T-mobile)

PAN = Hungary (Telenor)

VDH = Hungary (VDH)

INU = India

INS = India

XSE = Indonesia

XID = Indonesia

THR = Iran

MID = Iraq

TSI = Ireland

MET = Ireland (Meteor)

3IE = Ireland (Three)

VDI = Ireland (Vodafone)

ILO = Israel

CEL = Israel (Cellcom)

PTR = Israel (Orange/Partner)

PCL = Israel (Pelephone)

ITV = Italy

HUI = Italy (H3G)

TIM = Italy (TIM)

OMN = Italy (Vodafone)

WIN = Italy (Wind)

JDI = Jamaica

CWW = Jamaica

SKZ = Kazakhstan

AFR = Kenya

KEN = Kenya

KTC = Korea (KT Corporation)

LUC = Korea (LG Uplus)

SKC = Korea (SK Telecom)

BTC = Libya

LUX = Luxembourg

VIM = Macedonia

MBM = Macedonia (T-Mobile)

XME = Malaysia

MRU = Mauritius

IUS = Mexico

TMM = Mexico (Movistar)

TCE = Mexico (Telcel)

TMT = Montenegro

MAT = Morocco (MAT)

MWD = Morocco (MWD)

NPL = Nepal

PHN = Netherlands

DNL = Netherlands (Ben NL)

TNL = Netherlands (T-Mobile)

VDF = Netherlands (Vodafone)

NZC = New Zealand

TNZ = New Zealand

VNZ = New Zealand (Vodafone)

ECT = Nigeria

NEE = Nordic countries

TEN = Norway (Telenor)

ATO = Open Austria

PAK = Pakistan (PAK)

PBS = Panama

TPA = Panama

PCW = Panama (Cable & Wireless)

CPA = Panama (Claro)

PNG = Papua New Guinea

CTP = Paraguay (Claro)

PSP = Paraguay (Personal)

TGP = Paraguay (Tigo)

PET = Peru

PNT = Peru (Nextel)

SAM = Peru (SAM)

PVT = Peru (Viettel)

GLB = Philippines (Globe)

XTC = Philippines (Open Line)

SMA = Philippines (Smart)

XTE = Philippines (Sun Cellular)

XEO = Poland

DPL = Poland (Heyah)

IDE = Poland (Orange)

PLS = Poland (PLUS)

PRT = Poland (Play)

TPL = Poland (T-mobile)

MEO = Portugal

OPT = Portugal (Optimus)

TPH = Portugal (TPH)

TCL = Portugal (Vodafone)

PCT = Puerto Rico

ROM = Romania

COA = Romania (Cosmote)

ORO = Romania (Orange)

CNX = Romania (Vodafone)

SER = Russia

KSA = Saudi Arabia

ACR = Saudi Arabia

WTL = Saudi Arabia

XFU = Saudi Arabia (STC)

TSR = Serbia (Telekom)

MSR = Serbia (Telenor)

TOP = Serbia (VIP)

XSP = Singapore

MM1 = Singapore

SIN = Singapore (SingTel)

STH = Singapore (StarHub)

ORX = Slovakia

TMS = Slovakia

SIO = Slovenia

MOT = Slovenia (Mobitel)

SIM = Slovenia (Si.mobil)

XFE = South Africa

XFA = South Africa

XFV = South Africa (Vodafone)

CRM = South America (Moviestar)

NBS = South America (Open Line)

SEE = South East Europe

PHE = Spain

XEC = Spain (Movistar)

AMO = Spain (Orange)

ATL = Spain (Vodafone)

SLK = Sri Lanka

VDS = Sweden

HTS = Sweden (Tre)

AUT = Switzerland

SWC = Switzerland (Swisscom)

BRI = Taiwan

THL = Thailand

TTT = Trinidad and Tobago

EON = Trinidad and Tobago

TUN = Tunisia

SEK = Ukraine (Kyivstar)

XSG = United Arab Emirates

LYS = United Arab Emirates

VIR = United Kingdom

BTU = United Kingdom

EVR = United Kingdom (EE)

H3G = United Kingdom (H3G)

O2U = United Kingdom (O2)

VOD = United Kingdom (Vodafone)

XEU = United Kingdom / Ireland

TPD = Unknown

ANP = Unknown

COD = Unknown

MNX = Unknown

UFU = Uruguay

UPO = Uruguay

CTU = Uruguay (Claro)

CAC = Uzbekistan

XXV = Vietnam

MTZ = Zambia (MTN Zambia)

Upon completion, simply restart your Galaxy Watch, and you will receive a confirmation prompt, tap OK. That’s it, the CSC has now been changed.

Method 3: Using Firmware Flash

The last method involves flashing the stock firmware on your Samsung watch, allowing you to reset the CSC code. This process entails flashing older firmware, changing the CSC using csc-manager, and then updating the firmware to the latest version.

Should You Change the CSC in Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 / 6 Classic?

CSC serves as a crucial determinant of the country and, subsequently, the available features. For instance, if you find that Samsung Pay isn’t accessible in your region, changing your CSC can unlock premium features that are otherwise restricted to specific areas like the USA.


While most users have a seamless experience setting up their Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or 6 Classic, there are instances where they require features not available in their region. Changing the CSC can offer a solution. If this guide has proven useful to you, we welcome your feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.


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