Fix: FaceTime Handoff Not Working Between iPhone and Mac

The Handoff feature within the Apple ecosystem allows for seamless transitions between your iPhone and Mac, enhancing user convenience. However, encountering FaceTime Handoff issues can be frustrating. This comprehensive guide offers effective solutions for fixing FaceTime Handoff issues between your iPhone and Mac.

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FaceTime Handoff Challenges

When a FaceTime call comes in, all your Apple ID-linked devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, ring simultaneously. The concept behind Handoff is to provide the flexibility to answer or take the call on any device and switch between them at your convenience. However, FaceTime Handoff may not work smoothly due to various reasons, such as configuration errors, connectivity issues, or system glitches.

Solutions to FaceTime Handoff Issues

  1. Check Device Compatibility

Verify that your iPhone runs on iOS 16 or a later version, and your Mac operates on macOS Ventura or a newer version for FaceTime Handoff compatibility.

  1. Select Same Contact Information

In FaceTime settings on both your iPhone and Mac, ensure you have enabled the same primary Apple ID email address. This ensures a seamless transition between devices.

  1. Turn Off and On Handoff

To address potential glitches, toggle the Handoff feature off and on for both your iPhone and Mac.

  1. Disable and Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Mac

Refresh connections by turning off and then on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Mac.

  1. Ensure Mac Proximity and Turned On

Confirm that your Mac is within Bluetooth range, turned on, and unlocked, as FaceTime Handoff relies on Bluetooth for successful switching.

  1. Sign Out and Sign Back

In on iPhone Resolve continuity issues by signing out of your Apple ID on your iPhone, signing back in, and restarting the devices.

  1. Turn Off VPN

Temporarily disable the VPN on both devices, as it may interfere with the FaceTime Handoff feature.

  1. Reset Network Settings on iPhone

As a last resort, reset network settings on your iPhone, ensuring that you have backed up essential information.


Following these step-by-step solutions should help in fixing your FaceTime Handoff issues effectively. If problems persist, it is recommended to seek assistance from Apple Support for further guidance.

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