A User’s Guide for how to return from OneUI 6 Beta

Almost a year after Samsung’s introduction of OneUI 5, it became evident that the company was dead serious about enhancing the user experience. With OneUI 5, Samsung underwent a significant transformation, departing from its previously simplistic appearance on smartphones. It was apparent that Samsung had made a significant stride with the launch of OneUI 5. However, the tech world evolves rapidly, and Samsung is no exception. The OneUI 6 beta program was launched, offering exciting new features, but it also came with its share of bugs and issues. As a result, some users are contemplating returning to the stability of their previous OneUI version. When reminiscing about the stable OneUI version, OneUI 5.1 stands out as a milestone that made a significant impact in the industry. Many Samsung users yearn for the stability and reliability of OneUI 5.1. However, transitioning back to this dependable UI version under the OneUI 6 Beta umbrella can be somewhat tricky. To address this concern, we’ve outlined a straightforward method to return from OneUI 6 Beta:

Steps to return from OneUI 6 Beta to Stable OneUI

  1. Install the Samsung Member Application
  • Start by downloading and installing the Samsung Member Application on your device.
  1. Withdraw from the Beta Program
  • Open the app and select the option to withdraw from the beta program.
  1. Connect to Samsung Smart Switch
  • Utilize Samsung Smart Switch on your PC to establish a connection with your phone.
  1. Back Up Your Data
  • Create a comprehensive backup of your phone’s data using Smart Switch.
  1. Adjust Phone Settings
  • Within your phone settings, activate the primary auto-blocking toggle, deactivate sub-switches, and turn off the primary auto-blocking toggle.
  1. Configure Smart Switch
  • In Smart Switch Settings on your PC, select the downgrade option.
  1. Accept the Rollback
  • Your phone will accept the OneUI 5.1 rollback and reset to a stable OneUI.
  1. Restore Data
  • Finally, restore your previously backed-up data from Smart Switch.

These steps can help you return from OneUI 6 beta back to a stable OneUI version without losing any data. It’s important to note that while OneUI 6 Beta may have its share of issues, Samsung is actively working to resolve them. Users can anticipate a refined version, likely to be released in October 2023, although the official date is yet to be confirmed.

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