Xiaomi Launches a new 80W Wireless charger

Xiaomi 80W wireless charger

In 2020 wireless charger has been emerging pretty fast. We have seen a lot of new wireless chargers this year. Wired charging has also seen some new level of speeds. Earlier this year, we saw Xiaomi launching a new phone Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The phone has 120W fast wired charging and a 50W wireless charging. Xiaomi claimed, with their 120W fast wired charging, the 4500 mah powered phone can be charged from 0-90% in 20 mins. It is just insane. But we have seen other fast wired charging from Realme and Oppo. They also charge their phone from 65W wired charging within 35 mins. Just recently, Xiaomi announced that they are planning a new 80W wireless charger. With the new Xiaomi 80W wireless charger, the company claims that it can charge the phone within 20 minutes from 0-100%. It is insanely fast.

We haven’t seen any phone that supports this fast wireless charging. But we can expect Xiaomi to launch a phone that supports 80W fast wireless charging soon. The newly launched iPhone 12 series supports 15W of fast wireless charging when used the Magsafe wireless chargers. 

Until now, we have seen the fastest wireless charging from Xiaomi itself. They launched an insane 50W wireless charger alongside Xiaomi 10 Ultra. The 50W wireless charger can charge to 100% within 40 mins. However, the upcoming Xiaomi 80W wireless charger can charge from 0-50% in just 8 mins as claimed by Xiaomi for a 4000 mAh. The new wireless charger has fans included inside the charger to keep the phone, and charger cool, Since the wireless charger, emits a lot of heat while charging. The new 80W wireless charger’s design is very much similar to what we have seen in the 55W wireless charger launched alongside Mi 10 Ultra. Not to mention, Xiaomi back in September launched a new 30W fast wireless charging power bank. The power bank can charge any Qi supported phones wirelessly. 


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