Whatsapp and Its New Privacy Policies

Everything about whatsapp new privacy and policies

Back in 2014, Facebook bought Whatsapp for a whopping 1bn$. Since then, everything around Whatsapp has changed a lot. From its UI to its privacy policies and facebook’s integration in Whatsapp. We have seen all the changes from the UI and the features which have been added. Like the Whatsapp calling, Whatsapp video calling, group calling and many more. However, the major concern while using Whatsapp is privacy issues. We all have seen the message in the Whatsapp that states that the messages in the chat are end-to-end encrypted. But how encrypted are these chats and more importantly if the chats are encrypted then why do we see ads of which we have talked in the conversation using WhatsApp?

First, let’s talk about what all data Whatsapp has access to.  For starters, Whatsapp knows the model of your phone, which operating system you are using your battery status even your payment information and more. A detailed image is right below taken from the Youtube video of beebom.

Whatsapp new privacy policies

Imagine having this much amount of information with a social media messaging platform. It could definitely be dangerous. Whatsapp’s privacy policy page mentions that they don’t have any third-party banner ads, but they have added a line to this policy stating “If we plan to integrate ads on Whatsapp we will update the policy” this could be a hint that Whatsapp might bring ads to the social media platform.

Since Facebook owns Whatsapp and Instagram, so all of the data which Instagram and Whatsapp collect from the users are obviously shared with Facebook, there is no second thought about it. So if any of you left Facebook for its privacy concerns and is still using Whatsapp or Instagram, Facebook still has access to your data. Facebook basically collects the data from you to show you more customised ads and ads tailored just for you.

The Facebook-owned messaging app has already replaced the traditional messaging system, due to which companies are taking benefits from we the end customers. Of course, Whatsapp has access to the links you share on chats with each other. So next time if you guys discuss anything on the chat you will be seeing that product everywhere around you.

Recently, Instagram has also gone for a UI change which was a bit ad centric but due to backlash of public Instagram had tweaked it for betterment. Another problem with Facebook is that the company wants to integrate everything into one. Which means if you have Instagram Whatsapp and a Facebook account, we have had rumours in the past that Facebook will integrate the chat system of these platforms into one messenger app.

How To Deal With Whatsapp New Privacy Policies?

Honestly speaking, if you really care about your privacy and your data. You must avoid using Facebook-owned products as much as you can. You simply cannot deal with it. Previously we have seen some issues with the US govt and Zuckerberg regarding the data impeachment. With these new policies, Whatsapp is moving ahead very fast to sell your data in an indirect way, without taking any permissions.

A detailed video about the new policy of Whatsapp is right below you can watch it to understand even better.

Alternative Apps For Whatsapp

While you can definitely move back to the traditional Messaging App.

A quick heads up if you own an Android phone check your messaging App’s settings if it has chat option or an option to enable RCS. Otherwise, download Google messages and make it your default messaging app. Voila, you can chat with others having RCS enabled for free without any SMS packs or anything. You can chat with people using WIFI or 4G and you can send and receive images, or you can even see when the other person is typing and much more.

  • Telegram- Yet Another social media IM app, which is very powerful and lite. It is better than Whatsapp in many terms. I personally feel Telegram is a tier ahead than Whatsapp.


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