What is Remote Procedure Call on Windows

What is Remote Procedure Call on Windows

Remote Procedure Call or RPC is a core Windows System Technology that is used for creating distributed client/server programs. It contains libraries that help Windows run and manage key network and communication protocols.

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The primary goal of RPC is to help computers on the same network communicate with one another. This involved making requests and passing data packets. But with Windows 10 and 11, RPC is also used by applications running on the same machine to communicate with one another and pass instructions. This is because multitasking has become the standard and apps are constantly communicating with one another to perform different but complex tasks. So RPC acts as a backbone and is a core Windows system process.

What is Remote Procedure Call on Windows

RPC is constantly being used in MMC consoles and control panel apps like Device Manager. It is also used to manage devices on the same network like computers, printers, and scanners.

One of the real-life examples of RPC is When you open Microsoft Word on a Windows computer and give the print command. The instructions are communicated using RPC from the Word app to the printer which then prints the document in real-time. For this to happen, both the devices must be connected to the same network.

Should You Disable Remote Procedure Call

Many users have faced the error saying “RPC server is unavailable”. As a result, many users have been wanting to disable this service altogether.

As we know some of the critical system apps use RPC therefore disabling it is not recommended. Disabling it will lead to all sorts of critical functionality errors. Your Windows computer depends on RPC to communicate instructions and perform functions even when you are not using the computer or when it is in an idle state.

How to Check How Many Services are Dependent on RPC

  1. In the Search panel, type CMD. Under Command Prompt, select Run As Administrator. Click Yes on the popup.
  2. Type the command below and hit Enter to execute it.
    sc enumdepend rpcss 12500
  3. In the long list of lines, look at the first line and you would see the number of services that depend on RPC on your Windows computer.

Why are Remote Procedure Call Options Greyed Out

Since many of the critical system apps use RPC therefore Microsoft has greyed out most of the options related to RPC.

  1. In the Search panel, type Services.
  2. Under the Name column, find Remote Procedure Call (RPC). Double click to open it.

As you will be seeing most of the options are greyed out. This is because Microsoft doesn’t want any accidental changes as they can break the whole system.

How to Fix the “The RPC Server is unavailable” Error

  1. Open Services app using Windows Search.
  2. The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Status should be Running and the Startup Type should be Automatic.
  3. If the status is not set to Automatic. Then contact your admin or if you have root access then double-click to open and change the Status and Startup Type to Automatic.


This guide explains What is Remote Procedure Call on Windows is. RPC is the backbone of Windows as it allows devices to communicate with each other.

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