Use Your Wear OS SmartWatch as a Mouse

Google’s Smartwatch OS called Wear OS is a very powerful and emerging platform amongst smartwatches. With every iteration of updates, Wear OS is just improving itself a lot, be it stability, performance improvements or adding new features, Google has it covered it all. However, since it is a Google’s platform which means it is open source. Wear OS is just Android baked into smartwatches, so custom development of Wear OS-powered smartwatches are also coming up. One such idea came up was the idea of using your Wear OS smartwatch as a Bluetooth mouse.

So if you own any wear OS smartwatch be it fossil, Ticwatch or Skagen. You can try this its very simple. All you need to do is download the Wear Mouse App from the Play Store of your Smartwatch.


How To set up Wear OS Smartwatch as a Bluetooth Mouse

  • After you have downloaded the app on your smartwatch. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth of your Windows laptop or MAC.
  • Now Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartwatch
  • Now Open the App and follow through the agreement and the permissions.
  • Select available devices and search for your PC’s name.
  • Make sure your PC is visible to nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • After you have successfully connected your watch to your Pc.
  • It will show you on the screen of the watch to choose mouse, touchpad or cursor keys.
  • Use any of them whichever you feel like and the cursor of your laptop should move accordingly.

That’s it you can try this with any of your wear OS smartwatches. there’s a keyboard option as well, this can be used with any laptop or PC has Bluetooth.

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Pro Tip- You can use your smartwatch to use your tablet or android phone with a mouse using the app and the Wear OS smartwatch paired with Wear OS Mouse App.


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