Use Your Samsung Galaxy phone’s Apps on your Windows PC

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Device which is currently running on One UI 2.5/3/3.1 then you are in luck. As we all know Microsoft and Samsung has a good partnership, and together they are creating a good eco-system. if you have seen Apple’s iPhone and MacBook’s integration between each other, then you know what we are talking here. Yes, with your Samsung phone and your Windows Pc, you can pretty much do a similar thing. it is one of the most underrated features which not all of us know about it. But with the latest Windows 10, you can integrate your Android phones with it pretty well. There are a lot of benefits with this ecosystem like transfer of data using your phone apps on Windows PC and more.

This works pretty good with the flagship smartphones of Samsung like the Galaxy S20, S21 series or the Galaxy Note series and others as well. However, if you have an Android phone which isn’t Samsung, then also you can use this feature, you will need to download an App from the play store which is linked here.

Your Phone App On Windows PC

With the latest version of Windows 10, there is an app that comes pre-installed which is called your phone App. Basically, it is an app that will be used to integrate your Android with your laptop. Using the Your Phone App below are the things listed which you will be able to do.

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  • Read and reply to text messages
  • Check your notifications and reply to messages like Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, Signal and other messaging apps
  • Transfer Photos from your Phone to your Pc wirelessly.
  • Your Phone Apps can be opened on Windows PC.
  • Make or receive calls and talk using your laptop only. (Requires Bluetooth pairing of your Phone and Laptop).

How To Setup Your Phone App On Windows PC and Phone

  • For Samsung Galaxy Phones
    • Go To Settings
    • Go To Advanced Features
    • Turn on Link To Windows
  • For Others Download the Your Phone App and turn it On.
  • Now Inside your Phone App login with the same Microsoft ID with which you have logged in to your laptop.
  • After logging in. Give the required permissions asked on your Phone.
  • Now on your laptop open your Phone app( Can be found by pressing the Windows key and typing your Phone).
  • Click On Link new device.
  • Select Android or IOS if you have one.
  • Since you have already installed Your Phone App, select the checkbox that says ” Yes I have installed it already”
  • Now click On Open QR Code.
  • Now Using the Your Phone App on your Phone scan the QR Code.
  • Follow the steps and give the necessary permissions for notification access and file access.

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How To Open your Phone Apps On Your Windows PC

  • After setting up the Your Phone App.
  • On the left window Pane, there must be an option that says Apps.
  • Click On it.
  • There should be a list of apps which are installed on your Phone.
  • Now select the App you want to open on your PC.
  • Now give permission from your phone which should be prompted on its own after you click on the app.
  • That’s it.

Your Phone app On Windows PC

How To Make and Recieve Calls on Your Laptop

  • On the left window pane, there will be an option written as calls.
  • Select it, enable Bluetooth of your phone and laptop.
  • Now click on get started on your PC via Bluetooth.
  • Pair your Phone and PC
  • Your Laptop might ask for certain permissions to work properly. So give the necessary permissions on your phone.
  • That’s it now you can dial and receive calls on your Laptop, while you keep the phone away.

How To Transfer Photos from your Phone To Your PC using the Your Phone App

  • In the Your Phone App look at the left window pane.
  • There will be an option called Photos.
  • Click on and give allow access on your phone if haven’t already.
  • Now you will see all of your latest photos from the phone on your PC.
  • Whichever photo you want on your PC.
  • Just click and drag that photo to your desktop and that’s it the photo is now on your PC.

So this was an extensive guide on how to integrate your android phone to your Windows laptop and use it to transfer photos, receive notification make calls and open your phone apps on windows PC. Feel free to comment and ask anything if you get stuck on any of the steps.



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