Turn off camera capture sound on Google Pixel

Want to turn off the camera capture sound on your Pixel? People buy Google’s phones for some of the best photography experiences on a smartphone. They make perfect use of the hardware and tune the software very well. They also have some AI magic to clean up images even further. If you want to tinker manually, there are several sliders to pull through. You can also use the Magic Editor and Magic Eraser.

However, whenever you capture a photo, there’s a shutter sound that lets you know an image has been captured. This is something many people do not like. Many people want a silent camera in many situations and do not want to hear that sound. On most Pixel models, you can turn this off easily. There are situations where it’s missing because of some software bugs. In other places, it’s a region-specific issue as a result of country laws.

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How to turn off camera capture sound on a Google Pixel phone

Note: Capturing photos without consent is unethical and is against the law in many countries. Respecting privacy and following legal regulations is important.

  1. Make sure your Pixel phone is on the latest software. Also, update your camera app to the latest version. Google fixes many bugs and glitches with new versions of the camera app or with security updates, so we recommend doing this first.
  2. Open the camera app on your phone. At the bottom left corner, you’ll find the Camera Settings icon.
  3. Tap on the More Settings option.
  4. Under the General Settings menu, you will find a toggle to turn off Camera sounds. Now, your phone will no longer make the shutter sound when you capture a photo. You can try it out. If it still makes a sound, restart your phone and repeat the procedure.

Is the Disable Capture Sound option missing on your phone?

In some regions, there are legal problems with disabling the camera shutter sound. Because of these legal regulations, you won’t find the option to turn it off in the first-party camera app. This is a restriction in regions like Japan and South Korea. There is a temporary solution to this, but you have to repeat the steps again if you reopen the camera settings again after disabling it.

In some regions like Japan and South Korea, the option to disable the camera sound is unavailable due to local regulations or legal restrictions. This is the reason why many users can’t turn off the camera shutter sound on their Pixel devices. However, there is a temporary workaround to it. To do this:

  1. Remove the SIM card from your device.
  2. Restart your phone, and do not connect to the internet.
  3. Launch the camera app and open the Camera app settings. Repeat the steps above.
  4. Disable the camera sound option from here.
  5. Reinsert your SIM card and use it normally.

Note: If you open camera settings to change some other option in the future, the app will detect your region. And the option will disappear again, so you have to repeat all the steps. This solution also doesn’t work if you use an eSIM and not a physical SIM on your phone.

Alternative GCam Ports to disable shutter sound

You can choose to use some GCam Ports like the BigKaka port that get rid of the shutter sound. GCam Ports are mods, and they produce similar results to the normal camera app. If you don’t want to perform the workaround of removing your SIM every time, this is the next best thing.

It has all the features of the normal Pixel camera. It also has more customization, personal profiles, and extra mods. The Pro Mode is a lot better than the stock options, and you can use it alongside your normal camera app without any problems since the app’s name isn’t the same. It functions as an alternative. If you know any other third-party apps with a similar feature to disable shutter sound, you can use that one too.

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