The Dilemma about existence Of Samsung Galaxy Note series

The Era Of galaxy Note

October 29, 2011, the date when the first Galaxy Note was launched. Ever since its launched Samsung have been evolving their Note lineup to a point where its existence is now under the water. If we recall the Galaxy Note 7 was the phone from which people started to take the Note lineup as a true top of the line flagship phone. This year we saw Samsung launched Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra as their top tier flagship phone. But until last year Samsung’s top of the line phones was the Note but the era of foldable is emerging, and from the previous two years Samsung’s most expensive flagship crown has been snatched from Note to the Galaxy Z Fold series. 

However, if we talk about this year’s Galaxy Note 20 series then I would like to mention that the Galaxy Note 20 was not at all up to its name of Note. It was more like what we saw with the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. But if we look past it and see the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Then I don’t think there can be any other phone which is this level of premium and gives everything of a flagship tier.

There can be many special edition phones from Huawei, OnePlus or Oppo but the Note will remain on top of it. The Era of Galaxy Note started with bigger screens, glass slab, boxy design and much more. It is a true business phone and if you feel it is less likely to be called as a work phone then don’t forget the S-pen. Probably the only phone that comes up with an S-pen which has just the next level of integration in its software. 

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Why The Era Of Galaxy Note Series Ending?

Ever since Samsung started manufacturing foldable phones, Samsung is just pushing the Z series ahead of every other smartphone lineup by Samsung. Also, we were getting reports that there won’t be any more Galaxy Note smartphones. And it would be taken over by the Galaxy Z Fold series. If Samsung is planning this, it is not wrong from their end, as if we look around Samsung has a huge list of flagship phones. We have 3 phones from S series, then there are at least 2 phones from the Z series, and then there would be a Note lineup. Basically, if we see the Galaxy Note series is just a better Galaxy S phone but with an S-pen.

The thing that is going to change in the coming year is that Samsung is planning to add the S-pen support in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. So with so many flagship phones launched by Samsung in a single year, and the minor difference between the Galaxy S and the Note series and the addition of S-pen on S series or the foldable makes the Note pointless.

Recently, we got some news that the Galaxy Note 21 is in development and will be released in the coming year. However, this could easily be the last Galaxy Note phone. After which Samsung could kill the Note forever after the early news that mentioned no development of Galaxy Note 21 already made us thought that Note 20 is the last of its kind. It made me think to get a Note 20 ultra, but then I realised we have a Note 20 with Exynos 990 chipset, which is just another failure by Samsung while the first one remains the exploding batteries of Galaxy Note 7. The problem with Exynos 990 is so much that it can easily frustrate anyone. Not to mention, knowing that there’s the same phone with a better chipset selling for the same price also exist will bug anyone even more.

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The Good News

The first one is that yes there’s one more year of existence of the Galaxy Note lineup. Secondly, all new processors will be powering the galaxy note 21 series: the Snapdragon 888 processor and the upcoming Exynos 2100 chipset. From the past few years, we have seen Snapdragon processors outperforming the Exynos processors. However, this time Samsung claims to have fixed all of the issues with Exynos processors. They are also going with ARM processors now and are ditching their own Mongoose cores, which were the major reason for the inefficiency of the processors. 

The early benchmark results surfaced around the internet shows equal results of Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100. There are some reports that Exynos 2100 has improved 25% power consumption when compared to Exynos 990. So all those who were planning to get a Samsung smartphone this year but were avoiding because of the Exynos processors. Here is a piece of good news for them, the new Exynos 2100 processor can easily compete with Apple’s A14 Bionic and the Snapdragon 888 processor in terms of efficiency and power. 

To sum it up, I would like to add that the future is going towards foldable, rollable or swirlable phones. Samsung is already 2 generations ahead of other manufacturers with their new Galaxy Z fold lineup. The new Fold 3 could also have S-pen support. So that brings the question should Samsung end the Galaxy Note series which is just a better S phone with an S-pen? I think yes, Samsung can end their Note lineup and replace it with the Z Fold series, as they are even more expensive. There is no competition as of now, and using the Fold makes us feel like we are using the bleeding edge technology with the screen being able to fold. Also, the addition of S-pen support will complete the replacement of Note series with the Fold.


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