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Wear OS H MR2 Update 0

Wear OS Watch getting a New Update

Google’s Wear OS platform for Smartwatches has come a long way. Initially, the software was very much unfinished the hardware wasn’t capable enough to run the hefty Wear OS. There were stutters and lags...

Use Your Wear OS SmartWatch as a Mouse 0

Use Your Wear OS SmartWatch as a Mouse

Google’s Smartwatch OS called as Wear OS is a very powerful and emerging platform amongst smartwatches. With every iteration of updates, Wear OS is just improving itself a lot, be it stability, performance improvements...

Fossil Q Gen 5 0

Fossil Q Gen 5 in 2020

Everyone has always disregarded Google’s Wear OS platform. That is mainly because of an unpolished software experience that users got to see. But the year 2019 brought a significant change to the Android world...