Samsung Galaxy S21 Specs and Galaxy Unpacked Event

Samsung galaxy S21 specs and event

Samsung is all set to unveil its newest 2021 flagship series. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series. The phone is one of the most anticipated Galaxy S series of all. There are a lot of reasons for the Galaxy S21’s hype. We will be streaming the whole Galaxy Unpacked event in this post only right at the end. All those who want to watch the live keynote can scroll down. The Live event will take place at 8 PM IST. Also, we have already got hands-on about the looks, design and features of the phone. besides that, we have the Samsung Galaxy S21 specs right below.

Just like last year, Samsung will be launching the phone in a trio. The baseline galaxy S21 then the Galaxy S21+ and the star of the event the Galaxy S21 Ultra. All three phones will be powered by the Snapdragon 888 processor or the all-new Exynos 2100 processor, which Samsung unveiled two days ago. The Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S21+ will be having a flat display with thinner bezels than the Galaxy S20 series. All three of the phones will be having dynamic AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. However, only the ultra will be having a QHD+ with 120Hz variable refresh rate using the LTPS display. The other two will be stuck at FHD+ with 120Hz but this time Samsung is claiming the refresh rate will be adaptive for Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+.

The camera isn’t any major up[grade only slightly better post-processing, the MegaPixel count remains the same as previous generations. However, the new Exynos processor can support 4K 120 FPS video recording we are yet to see if Samsung implements this on their galaxy S21 lineup.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 specs look promising, we are yet to see the reviews from the YouTubers and we will get the idea of the smartphones. however, Samsung this time has planned to commit the charger in the box, so you will not be getting the adapters in the box, but it depends on the region as well, as per the reports in china and Korea people will get the charges and we don’t know about rest of the world yet.

We have a few images of Samsung Galaxy S21 series below check them out.

Samsung galaxy S21 specs

Samsung Galaxy S21 specs

In the Galaxy unpacked event Samsung will also be launching a new Galaxy Buds pro and the Galaxy smart tags.

Below we have the Live Keynote of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event 2021. you can stream it at 8.00 PM IST


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