Potential fix for connectivity issues on Pixel 6

connectivity issues on Pixel 6

Pixel 6 series is the latest offering from Google. There are two flavours of devices in the lineup – the top-of-the-line Pixel 6 Pro and the vanilla Pixel 6. Although it was well-received at launch, users faced some issues regarding the display and charging from the get-go. Pixel owners have been complaining about network issues popping up on the Pixel 6 devices since the December update. The issue was reported before the update too but it has increased since the new update. Thankfully Google has been listening to the user has since rolled out many updates to improve the situation. However, below is a quick tutorial on how to fix the connectivity issues of google Pixel 6.

connectivity issues on Pixel 6

How To Fix Connectivity Issues on Pixel 6

Fix No. 1 – Google had reached out to some users who reported the issue. They were asked to provide a general description of the location where the issue arose and the IMEI number of the phone. After providing the info, Google pushed targetted updates to Carrier Settings for those devices. This is different from regular OTA updates and could have gone unnoticed. This should fix the network issue according to Google.

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Fix No.2 – Another way to try and fix the issue is to join the beta program for the Google Carrier services on the PlayStore. This has seemingly worked for some users.

Firstly join the beta program for Google Carrier services. Then clear data for the Carrier services app before installing the beta update. After updating, force stops the app once and then disable and re-enable the SIM card.


The Pixel phones have had some issues Google has been steadily updating the Pixel phones since its launch to iron out all the bugs and issues users have reported. The above-mentioned fixes have proven effective for many users but some still face issues. You can rest assured that Google will be pushing more updates to completely solve the issue.

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