Pixel 5 Display issues doubting the build quality

Pixel 5 display issues

September 30, 2020, we saw google unveiled their all-new Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. This year Google decided to ditch with high-end flagship smartphones. Instead, Google tried something different, and we can say that Pixel 5 is all that we want from a smartphone. However, from generations, we have seen Pixel phones are plagued with some of the other issues. Well, Pixel 5 is no exception. Pixel 5 display issues are a little bit different then what we saw in earlier pixel devices.

Pixel 5 Display Issues

Some users are reporting that their all-new Google Pixel 5 is having gaps between their display and the frame. The Pixel 5 is made of a bioresin-coated aluminium frame. A few users reported that their phone is having gaps between the screen bumper and the frame.

The continuous plague of issues throughout the series is a serious concern about the build quality of Google’s phone. Quality checks should also take care of this. Previously, we have seen Pixel 2 having blue tint effects, and Pixel 4 just broke into two pieces like chocolate while Pixel 3 XL had a bathtub like a notch. If we go even further back to the nexus line-up, the Nexus 6P also broke like a bar of chocolate while the 5X had severe heating issues. Now at present, the Pixel 5 display issues seem like google is maintaining a streak in manufacturing faulty phones.


Coming to Pixel 5, the phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G. It has a 6.1 inch of AMOLED display powered by 4080 mAh of battery. However, the squeeze for assistant and Pixel visual/neural core is missing from the Pixel 5. It has an IP 68 rating and wireless charging. However, with the gaps in between display can expose the phone to water, and water may come inside the smartphone. The camera is slightly updated as now the Pixel 5 has an ultra-wide lens with a field of view of 107 degrees. 

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AS per the reports, Google is still investigating the issue and will come up with an explanation very soon. The Pixel phones are excellent smartphones with their optimization of software and camera processing; they can give the best android experience to its users.  


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