OnePlus 8T New update of Oxygen OS

OnePlus 8t got new update

Oneplus 8t was launched just a while ago. Besides, google Pixel OnePlus 8t is amongst the few phones to ship with Android 11. The phone runs on Oxygen Os 11 based on Android 11. It is powered by a Snapdragon 865 with a flat AMOLED display with a 120hz high refresh rate. The key feature of the OnePlus 8t is the all-new 65W fast charging. Oneplus has also changed the ergonomics of the phone. It looks more like a Samsung flagship phone. THus makes it a perfect rival to the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Coming to the 8T, it sits right in between the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. This time there is no OnePlus 8T Pro, at least for now. Just a while ago, the OnePlus 8t got a new update of Oxygen OS 11. The latest update has nothing significant features added, but it is more of a bug-fixing update.

The latest OnePlus 8t update has a build number of Oxygen OS According to the changelog, the update improves power consumption and heat management. It also enhances Bluetooth latency and 5G optimization for a better battery backup. The full changelog is right below, along with download links. OnePlus have ramped up their smartphone competition, and with this new OnePlus 8t update and its fixes, it shows how concerned the company is about their reputation and smartphones.

Changelog For Oxygen OS

  • System
    • Optimized system power consumption and reduce heat generation
    • Fixed the issue that icons are not displayed on the desktop in a small probability
    • Improved system stability and fixed, known issues
  • Bluetooth
    • Optimized Bluetooth connection to reduce latency
    • Improved connection stability
  • Gallery
    • Fixed the abnormal display issue with leading preview photo
  • Network
    • Optimized the intelligent 5G function to extend battery and endurance capacity

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How To Install the New Update of OnePlus 8T

  • Download the appropriate update file for your Oneplus phone
  • Place it in the internal root folder of your phone.
  • Go to settings>> system updates select the settings gear icon from the top right corner.
  • select local upgrade
  • select the downloaded file and click on install
  • Wait for the installation to finish, then reboot.



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