Make Instagram Photos as Watchface on your Fossil Smartwatch

Fossil is one of the largest manufacturers of WearOS powered smartwatches. They make smartwatches for several other brands like Michael Kors, Armani etc. These smartwatches are powered by Google’s Wear OS platform. Recently Fossil launched their latest Gen 6 smartwatch which is also running Wear OS. If you are rocking a Fossil smartwatch that is running the Wear OS, and are looking for customization. Then here is how you can make Instagram photos as the watchface of your smartwatch.

Fossil’s smartwatch gets paired up with the Google WearOS app. Most of the settings can be changed for the watch from the app itself. For customization, Google offers various different tiles that can be added to the watch which are very much similar to what we see as widgets on our phones.

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How to Make Instagram photos as watchface on your smartwatch

  1. Choose any of the watchface that is offered by Fossil from the WearOS app.
  2. Choose any of the watchfaces which supports customization.
  3. Now, in the below image we have chosen the Fossil’s Next-Gen Varsity named watch face.Make instagram photos as watchface
  4. Next press and hold the watch face, and then scroll down.
  5. Press on the background image.Make instagram photos as watchface
  6. Inside which you will have to select the Fossil category
  7. Then you will have to choose either of the options from Facebook or Instagram.
  8. Once you tap on either of them you will be asked to log in to your account using your phone.
  9. After logging in, you will be able to select the uploaded images on Instagram of your profile, and then once you tap on the image.
  10. That image will be set as the watch face background of the next-gen varsity watch face.


So, this was a quick tutorial on how to make Instagram photos as a watchface on your smartwatch. Fossil allows several different wachfaces that can be set with custom photos of yours from Instagram or Facebook.


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