Mac (Sonoma) not going to Deep Sleep: Troubleshooting Guide

While macOS Sonoma brings numerous enhancements and features, some users have encountered an unexpected issue – their Macs are failing to enter deep sleep as usual. In this guide, we’ll explore practical methods to tackle this problem, ensuring that your Mac’s power management functions optimally. Many people noticed that in the previous software version (Ventura), they could see gaps between the green bars on the Battery Chart. This indicated that their computer was sleeping when not in use. However, in the latest OS version (Sonoma), this isn’t happening. It means that when they close the laptop lid, their Mac (Sonoma) may not be going into a deep sleep state.

This issue could lead to a slightly faster drain of the battery, so it’s essential to fix it as soon as possible.

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Resolving Mac Sonoma not going to Deep Sleep

Users grappling with the Mac not going to Deep Sleep problem can experiment with the following fixes to resolve the issue:

Fix 1: Disable tcpkeepalive

  1. Open Terminal via Launchpad > Others.
  2. Enter the command sudo pmset -b tcpkeepalive 0 and press Enter.
  3. Check if your Mac Sonoma now successfully enters Deep Sleep.

Fix 2: Deactivate Power Nap

  1. Power Nap, designed to wake your Mac periodically for updates or administrative tasks, might be hindering deep sleep. Follow these steps to turn off Power Nap:
  2. Navigate to System Settings > Battery > Options.
  3. Click the pop-up menu next to “Enable Power Nap.”
  4. Select “Never” from the drop-down menu.
  5. If you’re using an Intel iMac, you can find this option in Energy Saver.

By implementing these solutions, you can potentially resolve the Mac Sonoma not going to deep sleep issue. It’s recommended to try both fixes to determine which one works best for your system.

In conclusion, macOS Sonoma brings numerous benefits, but it’s not uncommon for users to encounter unexpected challenges. By following the outlined solutions, you can address the deep sleep issue and ensure that your Mac operates optimally. Feel free to share any difficulties or questions in the comments, and we’ll provide assistance to help you enjoy a seamless user experience with your Mac running macOS Sonoma. Sleep-related problems can impact battery life and overall performance, making it crucial to ensure that your Mac enters deep sleep as intended.

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