Leaked Galaxy S21 Design, Launch Date

Leaked Galaxy S21 Design

Samsung is one of the top tier smartphone manufacturing brands. Their Android flagship phones are the highest benchmark of any Android smartphone. The company offers the best of its innovation and technology on its S lineup of phones. In 2020, we saw Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 series consisting of three phones. The phone has seen both love and hate from the users. People loved its premium feel, design, camera and the Snapdragon 5G processor. But the hatred was only coming from the users who got the Exynos 990 powered S20 phones. However, as the year is ending, we see the light towards the launch of a new Galaxy S21. New images are surfacing on the internet showing the design of the upcoming Galaxy S21 series. We have a few samples of the leaked Galaxy S21 Design below.

Leaked Galaxy S21 Design

The famous SamsungRydah has recently shown us a sneak peek of the early development of the design of the new Galaxy S21. As per his reports, we can expect that the upcoming Galaxy S21 series might have a flat display with thin bezels. The phone size is also said to be smaller than what we have right now. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is having 6.9 inches of display, however, the leaked Galaxy S21 design and according to SamsungRydah the galaxy S21 might have 6.7 inches of display. The smaller Ultra means the S21+ and the S20 would be even smaller, or we can also say that Samsung might discontinue one of the phones from the trio series. Other than that the Galaxy S21 will have a smaller camera cut-out as to what we have right now. 

Leaked Galaxy s21 Design


Earlier this month we have seen some benchmark results of the upcoming mid-range Exynos 1080 processor. It happens to be faster than snapdragon 865+. However, this processor will be powering the A series of smartphones. The Galaxy S series should be powered by Exynos 2100, which we are yet to see. Either way, let’s hope Samsung fixes the mistakes which they made from the Exynos 990.

Recently, Samsung has also started Beta of One UI 3.0 based on Android 11 for the Galaxy S20 series. Users can apply for the beta updates using the Samsung Members app. The stable version to come out by the end of November 2020 for the Galaxy S20 series followed by Note 20 series.

Never the less, the Galaxy S21 can launch as early as January 2021, earlier we say Galaxy S20 series was launched in the month of feb.


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