IOS 14.5 Beta Update with lots of new Features

IOS 14.5 beta Update

Apple’s most powerful tool which they use in their phones is the IOS. The IOS has one of the best optimizations in a modern smartphone. That helps in giving good battery while maintaining the performance as well. Also, with its, every iteration IOS brings in a lot of new features to the iPhones. Currently, IOS 14 is the latest IOS which is running on the iPhone. However, Apple also tends to release beta and developer beta for users who want to try some new features before everyone else does. Recently, Apple released IOS 14.5 developer beta update for the iPhones. It will be available for those who have opted in for developer beta updates. So in this post, we will cover on how to sign up for beta and developer beta updates for phones along with the new features that Apple has given on the IOS 14.5 developer beta update.

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New Features in the IOS 14.5 developer beta update

With the latest developer beta update of IOS. users can unlock their iPhones using face ID even while wearing a mask. This would be very helpful for everyone, as in such pandemic situations it is very painful to enter the passcode every time you want to unlock your iPhone. However, there is a small caveat of this feature, for Apple’s Face ID to work even while wearing a mask, you need to have an Apple Watch which is connected to your iPhone. Only then you will be able to unlock your iPhone using face ID while wearing a mask as well. You’ll get a haptic buzz on your wrist letting you know that the unlock was successful.

Apple’s Face ID is one of the most secure biometric to use, however, it failed miserably in 2020, majorly due to the pandemic. maybe that is why, we are hearing the news that in the next generation of iPhones, Apple might use an optical in-display fingerprint scanner, while keeping the fae ID as well.

Nextly, Apple has also given support for Xbox Series X/S and PS 5 controllers which can be paired up with your iPhone and iPad running on the IOS 14.5 developer beta. Along with that, Apple has also expanded the support of fitness+ workouts, and after you have updated to IOS 14.5 you will be able to stream audio and video of workouts to third party AirPlay 2 compatible smart TVs.

Apple once again has taken a strict step for security and privacy with this update, as this update will be the first to fully implement Apple’s App Tracking transparency measures. Which requires app developers to ask for consent before collecting user’s data and identification for advertisers.

These updates will come to public beta in future. After that, it will make its way to the stable IOS. However, it depends on Apple to bring all the features to the stable update or not. Also, the stable update carrying these features could take some time roughly 3-4 weeks before it hits globally.

How To Sign up for Apple Developer Program

  • Sign in to with your Apple ID on this link.
  • Confirm the two-factor authentication.
  • Follow through the wizard to set up your Apple account for Apple Developer Program.
  • After you have completed, your iPhone will receive the developer beta update.

How To Sign up For Beta Updates

  • Sign up with your Apple ID for beta updates from here.
  • Download the configuration profile from theĀ download page.
  • On your iOS device: Download the configuration profile directly onto your iOS device and follow the installation instructions.
  • Connect your device to a power cord and connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Tap Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install.
  • To update now, tap Install. Or tap Later and choose Install Tonight or Remind Me Later. If you tap Install Tonight, connect your device to a power cord at night and your device will update automatically by morning.
  • If prompted, enter your passcode.






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