Improving Focus is Easy! Here’s a List of Website Blockers you were Waiting for

List of website blockers

The Internet is your window to a world full of information. It can provide you with all the data you need to work or study effectively. However, constant access to an excessive amount of content can also backfire. For instance, a quick visit to your favourite shopping websites or social media feed may end up in dozens of open tabs and hours of wasted productivity. Even if you lead an extraordinarily disciplined life, it is easy to fall prey to such distractions and lose track of time and responsibilities. Since there’s overwhelming content begging for your attention, it is not easy to stop yourself. So, what should you do? You can block websites on your web browser.

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If using Chrome, sign in to your Google Admin account and navigate to the Home Page. Then, click on Devices > Chrome > click Settings > click Users & Browsers and choose the top organizational unit to block websites for all users, or you can use a child organizational unit to restrict access for children. Then, you have to scroll down and go to the URL blocking option, and under the Blocked URLs tab, you can block up to thousand URLs and click Save. For more information,

Using Safari on Mac, you must use Screen Time to block websites. Head to System Preferences and choose Screen Time. Then, click Options, choose Turn On, and start using this feature on your Mac system. Then, you have to go to Screen Time and click App Limits. You have to click Turn On to enable this feature. You can click on the plus and minus icons to add or delete websites to be blocked.

Do you want to block websites to focus better on your tasks automatically? The good news is you can use website blockers. Here’s a list of website blockers for Windows and Mac.

  • Pause

Pause is a straightforward extension that challenges users to pause websites and reflect before visiting websites momentarily. The website blocker helps break the cycle of distraction, allowing you to be more productive, focused and judiciously use technology.

Whenever you load a distracting website, the blocker creates a subtle interruption by displaying a calming screen. You can pause for five seconds and choose to continue visiting the website. The momentary interruption created by this website blocker gently nudges you to make intentional and informed decisions about how you wish to spend your time.

If you want to use your Internet time intentionally, you can use Pause. The blocker already comes pre-seeded with a long list of fifty distracting websites, and you can remove or add websites from the list. It will help you to configure your time and use it judiciously.

  • Limit

Limit is a well-known Chrome browser extension that allows users to limit their time on distracting websites. You can use this extension by selecting the most distracting websites and a daily time limit. For instance, you can limit yourself to fifteen minutes a day on Twitter or Facebook.

Limit is a wonderful way to limit your browsing habits and web use. You will be able to free your time and limit distractions. This way, you can become more productive.

  • Freedom for Windows & Mac

Freedom helps to block distracting apps and websites. It is an all-in-one distraction blocker that enables you to restrict mobile apps, websites or the entire Internet. It doesn’t matter what is stealing away your attention and time, and this tool will help you take control. The tool is one of the website blockers that syncs blocks seamlessly across all your devices. You can also upgrade to Freedom Premium to customize the blocklists and add unlimited devices. It will help you to stay focused on what is essential and eliminate distractions. You can schedule recurring block sessions.

Besides blocking distractions, the tool offers a wide range of features like Focus Sounds that enable you to get in the zone and maintain your concentration throughout the day. The tool also offers features like Block All, Locked Mode and Block All Except. It will allow you to have a more fine-tuned distraction and take control of your web use. Using the Locked Mode will allow you to commit to your block sessions and quit an active block session. With the Block All feature, you can block all the websites, and the Block All Except feature allows you to block an entire web, except the websites you need to access for work.

The Bottom Line

So, do you end up wasting a  lot of hours surfing the Internet? It is easy to get distracted and spend hours laughing at memes or watching reels. Use these website blockers to improve your focus and productivity. You can choose the websites to block and how to effectively use the web.



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