How to view and edit EXIF Data and location on iPhone

How to edit EXIF data on iPhone

EXIF, which stands for Exchangeable Image File Format, is a standard format that stores a photo’s metadata. That includes details like shutter speed, ISO, camera name, exposure, location, etc. So if you have location permission enabled for the camera, a picture’s EXIF data also includes the date and the location where you took the picture. Such data is stored in the Exchangeable Image File Format and it is possible to make alterations to some of it without having to install any apps. By editing the date, time and location, you can correct any mistakes or make any shared images more private. After all, you may not always want to show exactly when and where a photo was taken. In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to edit EXIF data on iPhone.

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1.  Launch the Photos app then select the image you want to make changes to.

Launch photos app

2. Next, either tap the “i” icon, which you’ll find at the bottom of the screen, or swipe up on the image.

click on the adjust button

3. You’ll see the date and time that the image was originally taken. To begin changing the metadata, tap “Adjust”.

4. Now you can begin altering the date. If the new date is within the same month as the one currently showing on the screen, simply tap the day you want to change it to.

Edit the Date and Time EXIF Data on iPhone 4

To alter the month and year, you can use the left- and right-facing arrows or swipe left and right on the calendar itself. You can also tap the arrow next to the currently showing month/year and use the carousel to help you quickly find the date you want.

5. You may also want to change the time. Just tap the original time displayed in the gray box and swipe up and down on the carousel to find the time you want.

Edit the Date and Time EXIF Data on iPhone 7

6. You can also alter the time zone. Tap the current time zone and enter a different location in the search bar. Then tap the closest match in the list of results.

Edit the Date and Time EXIF Data on iPhone 8

7. When you’re satisfied with your changes, tap “Adjust” in the top right-hand corner.

Edit the Date and Time EXIF Data on iPhone 11

8. If you change your mind, you can repeat all of these steps to make an alteration. You will find an option to tap “Revert” in the top-right corner to go back to the original metadata.


1. Launch the Photos app and select the image you want to make changes to

click on the photo

2. You should see a map peeking from the bottom of the screen. Swipe up to view the map and tap Adjust.

Edit and Delete Location EXIF Data 4

3. Search for a new location in the search bar at the top of the screen. Suggestions will be made by Apple Maps. Tap a new location and it will be automatically included in your photo’s metadata.

Edit and Delete Location EXIF Data 6

4. If you want to remove the location metadata, tap on the No Location button.

Edit and Delete Location EXIF Data 7


The Photos app on iPhone also lets you delete the location and data metadata before sharing a photo or multiple photos. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Launch the Photos app on your iPhone.

Launch photos app

2. Tap on the image you want to share to open it.

click on the photo

3. Tap on the Share button at the bottom-left corner to share the image.

Delete Image Metadata before sharing 3

4. Now, tap on the tiny Options button in the top-left corner next to the image thumbnail.

Delete Image Metadata before sharing 4

5. On this page, disable the toggle next to the ‘All Photos Data’ option.

Delete Image Metadata before sharing 5

6. Tap on Done to save the setting. After this, your iPhone will delete the EXIF data before sharing any photos.

Delete Image Metadata before sharing 6



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