How To Use Goodlock In Region Blocked Countries

Samsung phones recently have got a lot of customisation options. Especially, since the launch of One UI. If you own any Samsung device which runs on One UI and has theming options. You can definitely customise it to any extent you want. One very well-known app which can be found in the Galaxy Store is the Goodlock. Which goes hand-in-hand with One UI and its customisation. It gives a whole new level of customisation to One UI. That it feels it, the Goodlock app and its modules are a part of One UI only. So here is how you can use Goodlock and its module to customise your Samsung Galaxy phones. We have provided all the information on how to use goodlock in region blocked countries.

Also, it is one of the most stable ways to customise your Samsung Galaxy device. Goodlock’s developers are really great, they have integrated and optimized their theming codes so well with One UI

What Is GoodLock?

An App which can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store of your Samsung smartphone. It is only supported on those phones which have One UI and have theming options. Either way, you can give it a try even if your phone doesn’t have a theme option. The Goodlock App has its own set of modules which can be used to customise different parts of the phones. Few of the modules are Quickstar, HomeUP, Keys cafe, Notistar and more.

As of now, the Goodlock modules are supported on phones running One UI 2.5. So if you have upgraded your phone to One UI 3.0. You have to wait a little bit until the developers add support of Goodlock to One UI 3.0. According to the reports, the ETA for Goodlock support for One UI 3.0 is February 2021.

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How To Use Goodlock In Region Blocked Countries

  • take out the sim card from your Galaxy Phone.
  • enable aeroplane mode
  • connect to WIFI( Don’t use hotspot) Use a broadband
  • connect to VPN (USA server or …)
  • clear data of the galaxy store
  • open galaxy store & search for goodlock.
  • Install the Goodlock app and its modules and open it. It Should Work.
  • you can put in Simcard & turn off VPN & aeroplane mode after doing the above steps.
  • Alternatively, you can even use an alternative pp of Goodlock, which is named as Finelock.



Modules Of Goodlock

Below are the Modules of Goodlock which provide different customisations to one UI. Also, in the coming months, more new goodlock modules will be added. Below is the detailed information about each module and what they do along with their download links.


Quickstar basically, customises the quick settings panel and the status bar of the phone. You can decide which icons to be displayed on the status bar and which icons to hide. Like the VOLTE icon, we don’t need that and we can permanently hide it using the Quickstar. Next, it has background blurring a=effect when the notification panel is opened. This is inbuilt in One Ui 3.0. However, with one UI 2.5, you can emulate the same using the background blur feature of Quickstar.

Then there’s colouring of quick settings and notification panel, which you can decide. The background colour of notification and quick settings panel. The icon colour, notification colour, background colour of the notifications and much more can be customised using Quickstar. Download QuickStar App Module.


he app allows you to search through your notifications or to only display the ones from specific apps, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. There is an option to set custom filters using keywords to show the notifications with a particular keyword as prioritized or only those. The app can save all your notification for a week, month, or forever, which can help you search through alerts you might have dismissed. Download Notistar Module.

Keys Cafe

Keys cafe lets you customise your Samsung keyboard to a whole new level. You can change the positions of the keys. Add or remove keys. Theme your keyboard. There’s a different effect option as well, which is just insanely crazy-coloured effects that splash everywhere on the keyboard while you type. it is a very helpful App if you are used to some other keyboard and constantly press the wrong button, then this will come in handy a lot. Like earlier I was used to Gboard and its button placement was very well known. But after switching to Samsung keyboard I was struggling a bit. Right when the keys cafe kicked in and now my layout of the Samsung keyboard was exactly like the Gboard. Download Keys Cafe Module.

Home Up

This Home Up module helps in customising the home screen of the One UI. With the help of this module, the user can customise the background blur of the wallpaper. Folder design. animations of folder openings and closing. Take a backup of your home screen settings. Download the Home Up Module.


Multistar just enhances the experience of using the Multi window feature of the One UI. it implements the multiwindow in a better way and eases the use of multi-window.


Wonderland allows you to create your own custom-made live wallpapers. You can add effects themes design to your wallpaper. Basically, you can turn any wallpaper into live wallpaper using Wonderland module. Download Wonderland Module

Download and use goodlock in region blocked countries


So to conclude this was all about the Goodlock and its module. Along with that, this was an in-depth tutorial on how to use goodlock in region blocked countries. Keep checking our website to know more about the upcoming Goodlock modules which are supported with One UI 3.0. Also, we will be adding the new Goodlock modules as soon as we get our hands on it. Until then hang tight. You can even join our telegram group to have chit-chat among Samsung Galaxy S and Note users from across the world.

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