How to send WhatsApp messages without adding it to contacts first

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. This means that almost anyone who you would want to contact would most probably be using this app. The currently has 5b+ downloads on the Play Store and App Store each with over 2 billion active users worldwide. Even with its popularity, it lacks one key feature – the ability to message someone without adding them to the contacts. every time you want to message someone, you have to save their contact info to the phonebook before you can message them. This can be a big inconvenience when you want to contact someone or a service one time and not make a mess in your phonebook. So, below we have a quick tutorial on how to send Whatsapp messages without adding them to your contacts.

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How to send WhatsApp messages without adding them to contacts first

There are certainly different methods through which you can send WhatsApp messages without adding them to your contact list. Below are the most optimal methods to send messages on Whatsapp without adding them to your contacts.

Even long-term users might not be familiar with short links even though you might have used them somewhere. This feature is baked into the service for integration in apps and websites. The click to chat feature uses shortcut link to initiate a chat with any active WhatsApp number.

To use this feature, type the address on your preferred browser. In place of the ‘phone number’, type out the phone number with the country or regional code. eliminate any modifiers like +, or 00. If you’re in India for example, the address would be something like –

This address will take you to a website with a large green message button. Click on the button to initiate the chat.

Using an app to initiate a WhatsApp chat

Several apps use the above functionality but make the process a lot easier and faster.
One such app is Click to chat. In this app, you type in the number and click open. The app will then drop you into a chat.
There are other apps with similar functionality, but this one needs no permission nor does it show any ads.

The first method we discussed, ie. short links, works fine on iPhones as well. But there is a better way to start a chat using the shortcuts apps on your iPhone.

  1. Go to the shortcuts app and create a new shortcut.
  2. Tap on add action and search for ask for input as the first action.
  3. Tap the action field and set it to ask for a number. Label it phone number
  4. Add a second action and set it as a variable.
  5. Type out the same label as the first action, in this case ‘phone number’, in the first field.
  6. Select provided input in the second field.
  7. Add a third action and select the URL option.
  8. Enter followed by the variable assigned above, ie. ‘phone number’. (You can replace ’91’ in the URL with any country code)
  9. Add a fourth action to launch the browser.

This shortcut can be accessed using Spotlight, Siri, or simply by adding it to the home screen. it will allow you to initiate a chat without adding the number to the phonebook.


At first glance, it might not be obvious that WhatsApp has a feature where we can initiate a chat without adding a number to the phonebook. This article aims to help users to send WhatsApp messages without adding them to contacts. The’ phone number short link can start a conversation without saving the number. The same short link is used by apps like Click to Chat and helps make the process seamless. the same links also work on iPhones and can be used along with the shortcuts app to create a handy shortcut.

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